Triaster Suite 11.2

The Triaster team are delighted to announce the public release of Triaster Suite 11.2 today. This comprises Process Navigator and the Triaster Server software. Please read the following information for detail.

Triaster Server 11.2

This combines all previous Triaster Server software (Browser Toolkit, Publication Server & Improvement Workbench) together with a default set of Report Exchange reports.

It contains over 20 feature enhancements and a few issue fixes. Many of the enhancements are features requested by the Triaster User Group (and discussed with Customer focus groups) as well as improvements to simplify the Library interface and reduce the Library administration overhead.

The remaining enhancements are 'back office' improvements to simplify the software architecture, streamline its configuration, and move towards customer upgradeable server software.

The main feature enhancements are:

  • Alerts and Approvals. This is entirely new functionality developed to minimise the governance overhead of content review and approval. This feature drives the process by which content is fully approved prior to Live publish. In addition it automatically generates records of changes for audit purposes, compiles a full on-going revision history with snapshots of previous map versions, produces targeted notifications of amendments and alerts users to both outstanding work and changes made to Library content.
  • Improved Publication Interface. This feature delivers real-time updates of publication progress and online storage of log files so that there is no need for email attachments.
  • Load Balanced Publication Capability. Another entirely new feature to deliver faster, more reliable publications and a failover facility. This functionality enables publication tasks to be carried out in parallel which provides failover functionality and decreases the total publication time, as well as improving the scalability of the Triaster Server solution. With version 11.2, there could be two or more publication servers each working on publishing content within one map store. Therefore, four servers working in parallel could potentially give a 75% reduction in publication time. In addition, if one of the servers "stalls" (for example, if a map cannot be loaded because it is corrupt) the remaining servers will continue to publish the rest of the maps.
  • Interactive Grid in Reports. A further brand new feature which allows report data (such as Ownership or Systems) to be dynamically filtered, ordered and grouped. This allows customisation of how data is reported to ensure that it is most useful for Library users. It will be possible to revert back to the original reports.
  • Improved Design and Layout. The design and layout of the Triaster Library has been updated in order to both improve consistency and styling across the whole Library, but also to separate Triaster and customer content. This will enable easier release of additional functionality and reports in future and help to simplify the administration of Library upgrades (after version 11.2). Some customisation, particularly of fonts and colours, remains a standard part of the implementation.
  • Improved Site Comparison Tool. Considerable improvements have been made to this feature, which allows comparison of sites to give, for example, information on cost and time savings. It also delivers a transition checklist.
  • Improved Search Tool. Version 11.2 allows the Library Administrator to tailor the Process Map search to what your users find most useful. The term "Map" replaces "Node" by default and process maps are shown at the top of search results. And...the Enter key now works properly!
  • Auto-populates filter drop-downs for Ownership, Roles and Systems.
  • Simplified Activation. There is now just one activation required for all server components, which can be performed from within Library Administration.
  • Report Exchange Integration. The Report Exchange is set up and ready to use with version 11.2. It can then be updated with any new reports created, by just downloading them from Triaster's website and saving them on your web server.
  • 64-bit Compatibility. Version 11.2 will be compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows Servers.
  • Issue Fixes.

To view a sample 11.2 Triaster Process Library please click here.

Process Navigator 11.2

The main feature enhancements are:
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Excel has been improved to make Excel Import and Export routines more intuitive and reliable.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Project has been improved. Process Navigator can now generate GANTT charts and Project Plans compatible with Microsoft Project versions 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  • Task File Testing. Task Sets can now be directly executed from the Process Navigator menu.
  • Data Type Override to enable the user to specify the data type that is written.
  • Issues fixed.

How do I upgrade to version 11.2?

Upgrading authoring machines

Process Navigator 11.2 is available for download from the Triaster Knowledge Base, Software Download page.

To obtain the password you are required to enter (this has changed from previous versions) please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234.

If you need a reminder of your activation code, please also e-mail or call Emily or Jo on
+44 (0)870 402 1234.

PLEASE NOTE: when we upgrade your Triaster Server software to version 11.2, we will install Process Navigator 11.2 on your server. However provided that your author or client PCs already have Process Navigator 9.1 or later installed, they need not be upgraded. As a further release of Process Navigator containing an end-to-end process diagram will follow reasonably shortly, you may prefer to wait for this before upgrading Process Navigator.

Upgrading your Library

Upgrading to Triaster Server 11.2 is a reasonably complex process which will be delivered free of charge by remote install (only) by Triaster for all Library customers.

The upgrade process will cover a period of liaison and discussion regarding carry forward of customisations in respect of your current Library and integration with version 11.2 functionality. This will take place on a first come first served basis, although we will of course do our best to deliver to any specific business deadlines which you let us know about.

To request commencing the process of upgrading to 11.2, please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234.

For more detail on the upgrade process please click here.

Help for version 11.2

Triaster are offering a services package, 'Getting the most out of your 11.2 upgrade' to help you do just that.

This services package delivers on-site time to review your 11.2 Library with you, train you on how to make the most of the new features, workshop Alerts and Approvals with your reviewers and embed the new way of content review and approval in your organisation. We will also discuss with you how to make the most of the upgrade - perhaps a re-launch and some awareness sessions; perhaps some renewed focus on the content? An agenda can be viewed here. This is an on-site service, which is optional and costs two consultancy days plus expenses.

If you are interested in arranging this service as part of your upgrade, please
e-mail or call Emily or Jo on
+44 (0)870 402 1234 and we will look to incorporate it within your specific upgrade plan. The optimal time for delivery of this services package is after install of the Triaster Server 11.2, before Go Live to the rest your organisation.

In addition Triaster are running a series of free one day Launch events at our offices in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

These events will be all-encompassing, covering the following:

  1. A general Library demonstration, with a particular focus on 11.2 features
  2. Introduction to new services available
  3. Technical focus on the 11.2 Triaster Server architecture
  4. Upgrade planning!
They will also include plenty of opportunities to network with other customers and chat to Triaster staff. They will be interesting an informative events and we recommend that you attend one. For dates and to register please click here.

We have set up a discussion thread regarding this release which we will actively monitor and respond to. If you have any queries, please raise them on the LinkedIn discussion of this notification.

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