Meet Chris Mawdsley

Senior Software Engineer


Chris first joined Triaster in the year 2000 as a fresh faced 19 year old. We could see his talent as a developer straight away and he made a significant contribution to Triaster software before he left in 2008 for experience elsewhere. And in 2013 we were delighted to welcome him back! He has got off to a flying (re-)start and appears to have settled right back in. We asked him what he has been doing in the meantime and how it feels to be back?

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Since leaving Triaster, I went to work for a CRM consultancy firm, where I developed and maintained a facilities management helpdesk website for a FTSE 250 company, who in turn had end users from FTSE 100 companies, including some high street banks. A few days after returning to Triaster, it felt like I hadn't left. Albeit we had moved to the office next door.

Thank you Chris, to the point certainly, but you did answer our questions - and you are a software developer!

Chris Mawdsley

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Joined Triaster

2000 (1st time)
2013 (2nd time)

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Professionally he is most proud of...

The last thing he has worked on


Rowing, music


Doing development work, problem solving, Hawaiian shirts


Woodcote, drivers that brake for traffic on the other side of the road, Sundays, Ant and Dec

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

Incredibly, his Hawaiian shirts rival Paul Elson-Vining's