Meet Emma Harris

Operations Director


Emma joined Triaster in a part-time capacity in 2000 when her daughter (now aged 19) first went to primary school. She quickly became inspired by the vision that Mike was developing for Triaster and set about working with him to develop and deliver on the vision. She became a Director in 2001 and since then has been involved in virtually every aspect of Triaster at one time or another.

We asked her what she is currently focusing on.

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My main preoccupation at the moment is the new Triaster website. It is structured completely differently from all our previous websites, is mobile compatible and has taken far longer to go live than I had hoped. So I am delighted that it now has. This is just the start point however!

Keen Connector readers will note that the new website dovetails with the Connector both in terms of look, feel and content. The Connector has proved very popular and captures the essence of Triaster, so the aim has been to extend this to the website. The key factor about both is: it's all about new and interesting content. So, always an area of focus.

Thinking more corporately, my main attention is currently on how to make the most of the global opportunities opening up to Triaster, whilst ensuring the continued excellent customer services/partnerships which differentiate us. It is of course all about the team and employing, developing and building partnerships with the right people in the right way. One of the most rewarding aspects of my role at Triaster - as it always has been.

Emma Harris

Fact File

Joined Triaster


Photo updated


Before that

A tax consultant.

Professionally she is most proud of...

Her part in building the Triaster Team and Triaster Community


Reading/book club, going to the theatre/cinema, running (a very new one), Pilates, History


Positive people, good food and wine


Negative people, being ill and not being able to eat or drink much

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

She jangles everywhere she goes! (She always wears a lot of bracelets on both arms.)