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I'm a massive fan of intuitive interfaces. I believe that any software which doesn't make important information visible to its end users is not doing its job properly.


  • Being able to look at a process and see the cost of each Activity and the cumulative cost on the Node
  • Shapes telling you when you haven't filled in all of your important shape properties
  • Process maps that can tell you when each and every activity has been able to pass the latest important standard that your organisation has adopted
  • Imagine all this without even having to Ctrl+Click!

That is Data Visualisation.

Have a look at the visual below:


Data Visualisation

The headline feature of Data Visualisations for me has to be the core Data Visualisation shape.


Triaster can add this shape to either a Node, Activity or Deliverable. It can be set to look at a property and become visible if that particular property is populated. The shape can also change colour to reflect the chosen property. It can have any image added or can have text that has been taken from a shape property, i.e. Process Cost. This has so many applications - it's a very exciting step forward for everyone!

Data Validation

dv_3Another exciting feature has to be Data Validation. This is a new addition to the Node, Activity and Deliverable shapes. You can list a group of required properties for each shape and should the mapper fail to complete one of these properties, a Data Validation alert will be displayed. Taking this a step further, we have developed this feature to also list the properties which are incomplete. Finally, maybe there could be one shape you really don't mind missing some properties and you'd just want to publish the library and sort it out later. You wouldn't want it to be visible on the published content however. Accordingly the Data Validation triangle has been designed not to export to your HTML sites.

Variable responsibility colours

While this might not be to everyone's taste, it is something that has been requested. It involves having a colour for each and every Activity responsibility. In the past this has required applying some very difficult methods of changing the list of roles and their colours, which we thought we would try to make easier. This feature will change the colour of the responsibility field to a randomly generated colour that will be consistent for each job role of the same name. Whilst it will not be possible to choose the colour of the responsibility using this method, it will eradicate an arduous and inconvenient process for existing users, as well as adding a new feature for other customers to take advantage of.

Extra deliverable types

For a number of years customers have been requesting two main new types of Deliverable. They have been called by many different names, but have all conformed to two basic requirements. The names that we have given them are 'Handover' and 'Disconnected'.

The Handover Deliverable is an internal Deliverable which is used for the handing over of responsibility from one department to another. Process Navigator will add an off-page connector to this shape (if possible).

The Disconnected Deliverable is an external Deliverable which is used where the Deliverable starts/terminates within the organisation. For example where records are archived or brand guidelines start a process.

Both are valid types of Deliverable but have not been possible without a custom stencil in the past. Now they are!

Auto-sizing shapes

This feature has been added to the Activity shape and will be added to the Deliverable shape in the future. It looks at the text in the Activity and the Activity sub-shapes, such as Responsibility or Level and ID and it will change the height of the Activity to accommodate the required text for the combined shapes. This allows you to just drag on a shape and type without having to worry about manual changes.


Self-populating feedback e-mail shape subject

This feature has been around for a while now and has been provided to a lot of customers, it hasn't however been publicised very much so I felt it worth mentioning here. In the past when clicking a Feedback e-mail shape on a process map it has opened a new e-mail with the subject 'Feedback on <enter name of process here>'. This is not particularly intuitive and you can understand why some users requested it to be changed to automatically populate the Node name in the Subject. Well we found a way to do it! Our current Feedback e-mail shape will look at the Node title and will generate an e-mail Subject including the name of the Node that it has been placed on.

More on the way...

Customers are always asking for new features on their Stencil and Template designs and we try to make them as generically useful as possible and add them as new (Stencil and Template) features available in all future customisations.

Can you see the new Data Visualisations being useful to you? Please note that you will require a new Stencil and Template for these features as they cannot be retro-fitted to your existing Stencil and Template.

Please contact Jo and Emily by e-mailing or calling +44(0)870 402 1234 to discuss further.

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