Meet Michael Cousins

Triaster Founder and Managing Director


Mike founded Benchmark Software in 1994 and following a company merger and name change became Triaster's Managing Director in August 1995. At that stage Triaster - the first Visio Partner in the UK - delivered bespoke Visio development services. As a result of developing Visio process mapping solutions for Phillips Lighting and Nokia, Mike became convinced that in order for process mapping projects to be successful, they must engage the people responsible for delivering the process (i.e. doing the work) and he set about developing a software product to do this. The result, in the year 2000, was Process Navigator v.1!

There has been a lot of development since then: of the Triaster Library, the Solution, the Team and the Triaster Community... We asked Mike for his reflections on 20 years of Triaster and this is what he said:


A particular joy of the last 20 years with Triaster has been to see the accomplishments of the individuals and of the team itself. For example we often receive very warm and generous praise from our customers, invariably coming from a team effort, as we overcome significant engineering challenges quietly and consistently. Over the years I have seen many people develop themselves and their skills and realise their greater potential, and in so doing they also move Triaster forward in big steps. They say that in the most successful businesses, the founders surround themselves with people that are better at doing their job than the founder would be, and therein lies my own personal achievement. Well done to everyone that has ever helped Triaster over the first 20 years, and a massive thank you.


Rare to have the top guy really understand his customers and their business.
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Michael Cousins

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Before that

Research Mathematician, barman, construction worker, lifeboat man, farm labourer... it's a much longer list than fits!

Professionally he is most proud of...

Triasters' 20 years of successful trading, and all of the opportunity that has given to people over the years.


Helicopter flying, skiing, hope to do more sky-diving with my sons this year, bit of keep fit, singing, guitar, motor biking and cryptic crosswords


The Polotsvian Dances from Prince Igor


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Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

You need nerves of steel to be a passenger when Mike is driving - whatever the vehicle!