Meet Emma Southwell-Sander

Client Services Director


Emma joined Triaster in February 2017 and as Client Services Director is focused on developing new business for Triaster. She has settled into the Triaster family so quickly that it is now hard to remember what it was like before she started.

We asked her to tell us what she was doing before she joined Triaster and to reflect on her role at Triaster. This is what she said:

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After completing my degree with a focus on business analysis I spent four years as an ERP and CRM consultant working for Oracle. I then moved into the oil & gas sector working for Ikon Science as the sales director for EMEA and Houston. I returned to the UK in 2008 and joined RPS Energy in a business development role - working alongside firstly the subsurface group and then the finance group.

Since joining Triaster I have been inspired by the dedication of the Triaster team, particularly the commitment to fantastic customer service, and I am very much enjoying understanding Triaster customer requirements and how we can best deliver on them.

To see Emma introduce himself in person, please go to:

Emma Southwell-Sander

Fact File

Joined Triaster


Before that

BA in Computing and Business Systems Analysis

Professionally she is most proud of...

The ongoing relationships that I have built with customers


Keeping fit, keeping my children occupied, travel and entertaining


Spending time with family and friends


Very hot, humid weather

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

She lives in the same village as Carma Evans and her car is too wide for the office parking spaces