Meet Giles Green

Business Improvement Director


Giles joined Triaster in September 2017, bringing with him his can-do attitude and a splendid sense of humour. As the Business Improvement Director, he spends much of his time discussing the problems that a whole range of businesses and organisations have and whether a business process management approach is the best solution.

The whole Triaster team very much enjoy his work ethic and strong team spirit. When we asked Giles what he likes most about being part of the Triaster family, he replied:

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Triaster is a wonderful place to work. Above all, there is a friendly and unpretentious culture that makes everyone feel comfortable. Having said that, I especially like it when people misplace their security passes and sheepishly knock on the door.

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Fact File

Joined Triaster

September 2017

Before that

Director of a consultancy business

Professionally he is most proud of...

The times where I have actually advised potential clients NOT to buy our product, based on their specific needs. It’s these occasions that separates Triaster from most businesses and builds trust or the long term


I love a good hike. I always feel happy when I’m walking. Besides that, squash and card games


Besides broad questions? Scrambled eggs on toast – if the general population can have access to such a meal, life cannot be that bad


Fried mushrooms – they’re slimy and smelly

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

The ongoing conflict that Giles has with automated telephone answering systems...“names are never pronounced how they read”