Meet Paul Elson-Vining

Libreea’s Principal Consultant


Paul is Libreea's Principal Consultant. Being field based he travels extensively, both in the UK and globally, to deliver training and consultancy. With over 15 years of experience his certifications include IRCA certified Lead Auditor for the 9001:2015, QMS Internal Auditor, TickIt plus practitioner, TPMA certified training practitioner and Microsoft certified professional. He is further developing his skill set to add Management consultancy with a Diploma from the Chartered Management Institute.

Paul works tirelessly with customers to help make processes clearer. His patience and perseverance helps you prioritise and bring focus to your next steps.

A key skill he has is his ability to adjust to situations: be that identifying the capabilities of the people he is training, the IT set-up he is working with or the differing outcomes that his customers are looking to achieve. After a recent project, we asked one of his customers for some feedback and this is what they said:

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Paul has been brilliant to work with throughout. He can relate to all members of the team at different levels and in different ways. He knows when the message hasn’t got through and has other ways to make sure it does. He has creative techniques which makes learning and working with him a pleasure and entertaining at the same time.

Paul Elson-Vining

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Before that

Triaster’s Principal Consultant as well as various other software training roles

Professionally he is most proud of...

Training worldwide, including the Falkland Island, USA & Australia


Exploring, scuba diving, food!


Driving, the sea... & again food!


Winter nights & bad food

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

His man from Del Monte suit!