Triaster Reports

Paul Elson-Vining takes a look at the Map Review and Risk Analysis reports


For many years now it has been possible to add metrics or properties to a process map and with the ability to import properties from Excel (introduced in Process Navigator 11.1) it is even easier to populate maps with this data.

Some customers have mentioned to me that they think it is difficult for end users to view this data as they believe that they have to Control+click on each shape and view the information on a map-by-map, shapeby-shape basis. However this is where Triaster Reports come in.

The Report Exchange was a feature introduced in 2010 to make metrics in published process maps far more accessible. With the integration of the Report Exchange in 11.2 and the introduction of the 'Grid View', the data can now be filtered directly in the Library, giving end users much better control over how they want the results to be presented. Results can also be exported to Excel for further manipulation (with a right click option in 10.1 or the export to Excel button in 11.2).

There are a number of Reports which Triaster categorise as follows:

  1. General (Contents, How To, RACI, Risk Analysis)
  2. Process Audit
  3. Process Improvement
  4. Library Administration
  5. Publication Checklist

This month I am focusing on Map Review, from the Process Audit category and Risk Analysis from the General category.

In future Connectors I will look at other reports.

The Map Review report (first developed for 10.1) uses the 'Last Reviewed Date' and 'Next Review Date' properties to populate a complete list of maps, which can then be ordered and managed for audit purposes. This report has been developed further in 11.2 and is utilised by the Alerts and Approvals feature to notify the content approver when the review date has been reached and to remind them if the review date has not been updated. So, even if you are not planning to upgrade to 11.2 just yet, it is a great idea to start capturing this information now.

The next report is the Risk Analysis report. This is a very simple report that collates the information from two properties recorded for each Activity - the first being 'Risk Level' (property name risklev) which highlights four conditions: High risk, Medium risk, Low risk and Risk not yet assessed. The second is a free text field called 'Risk Description' (property name riskdesc).This is a great report to help you with process improvement or to use in conjunction with your risk register.

Remember though you will only get out of the reports what you put in - if you don't record the information, you can't report against it.

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