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We tell you

The next Education meeting is being hosted by Claire Lorrain at University of Winchester on 6th September 2012. The next main User Group meeting is being hosted by Fugro GEOS at their Wallingford offices on 18th October 2012.

Please let us know if you would like to attend either of these meetings. Space is limited, so please do book as soon as possible by e-mailing: customer.services@triaster.co.uk

Triaster Technical Workshops

In the last issue of the Connector I asked you for your feedback on the Triaster Technical Workshops. For this issue I asked John Blight, Triaster Technical Support Manager, to summarise what is covered during the day:

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The workshop is intended to give an overview of a Triaster Server - the roles it performs, its components, structure and mechanisms - primarily from the perspective of an IT administrator, but also pertinent to those who have an interest in how the Triaster Server works. Fundamental procedures, such as activation, are covered, as well as common configurations and tweaks (a Triaster Server is highly configurable!).

We also touch on those Process Navigator-related tasks that are often asked of IT Support staff - configuring Visio and installing Process Navigator. This is all summarised in a 'handbook' that delegates are free to take with them.

We hope that this offers enough for IT and Library administrators to more easily maintain the system themselves, although we're always available to help.
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Rob Fletcher from ING Direct UK attended a workshop in June:
The main benefits for me were the more in-depth areas of configuration which allow us to tweak our installation of Triaster to improve the customer experience. It was also nice to meet Triaster and put faces to names. I would recommend the workshop as it gives the attendees a good insight into how all the elements of Triaster piece together.

You tell us

User Group influence on the Triaster Product Roadmap

As many of you will be aware, Triaster's software development plans are summarised in their Product Roadmap. Customers can feed into this by submitting feature requests and discussing the development ideas it contains; this often takes place at the User Group meetings.

Customers are also welcomed at Focus Day workshops, which are held every three or four months at Triaster's offices. These workshops include detailed discussions of key features directly with the software developers. There are sessions on longer-term ideas, as well as demonstrations and workshops focusing on work-inprogress. These Customer Focus Days have proved very useful from both the attendees' and Triaster's perspective and everyone really seems to enjoy them. Do try and attend one if you can, but if that isn't possible, join in with the discussions in the LinkedIn User Group Forum. Please go to http://tinyurl.com/User-Group-linkedin

Following the recent release of Triaster Suite 11.2, I am pleased to be able to report just how much influence the User Group has had on feature development. So, please keep sharing your thoughts on what Triaster could introduce into the solution. Triaster log and evaluate all feature requests for feasibility and where possible add them to the Product Roadmap. Feature requests should be e-mailed with a description of required functionality and perceived benefit to: featurerequests@triaster.co.uk



P.S. There are currently two Triaster Customer LinkedIn Groups - the first for members of the main user group (Triaster User Group) and another specifically for the Triaster Education Special Interest Group. Search for them in the LinkedIn Groups area.

Technical Workshop Pictures


tug_2The Technical Workshop in action

tug_3Andrew Ridgeley kicks off proceedings

tug_4Discussion ensues

tug_5Jo Dolton takes the floor