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Paul Elson-Vining answers top FAQs


Visio's Drawing Explorer

In this issue Paul is tackling some of the most common questions that come through to Support.

Q. Where has the Process Navigator tool bar gone in Visio?

A1. The first time Process Navigator is installed on a PC, the macro security settings need to be changed to medium or low to allow Process Navigator to run. Occasionally after a Windows update or group policy change, the macro security is reset and will need to be reconfigured.

A2. Macro security settings are held in the registry under each user profile. If these are corrupted in any way and resetting the macro security does not resolve the issue, you can wipe out the Visio configuration setting from the registry and Visio will attempt to repair itself. This often solves the problem. As an alternative to making registry changes, you can attempt to 'repair' reinstall Process Navigator on top of the existing Visio installation. The following Knowledge Base article should help:

Q. Why, when I try to open Process Navigator, do I get a pop up saying Visio is installing?

A. This often happens when users have a highly restricted account. If users do not have privileges to access the shared Visio folder in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft shared\Visio Shared then Visio can't configure correctly. A workaround for this is to give the user temporary admin access while Visio and Process Navigator configure for the first time and then remove it. Another is to give users modify access to this folder.

Q. IT have just installed and activated Visio and Process Navigator and I get an error message saying Process Navigator is not activated. Why?

Process Navigator is activated by user profile, by machine. Only the Author should activate the Triaster software. If IT have activated, contact to get your licence count amended.

For more help with activation please see the following Knowledge Base article

Q. We have the new flash style home page, is it possible to add a 4th level of menus?

No. The flash menu structure is hard coded to display 3 levels of detail. The best solution to this problem is to sub-divide your first or second menu structure further.

To see what you can do with the flash menu file see this Knowledge Base article

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