Submitting Feature Requests

A reminder of the process


Triaster understand that customer input to the Triaster Solution is vitally important in creating software and services that meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

To support this we have a Feature Requests process and hold frequent Customer Focus Days (where developing features are workshopped and customers are able to directly input). Recently I was asked for a reminder of the Feature Request process so thought I would share this more generally. This is what happens:

  • A customer has an idea for a feature request and submits this to Triaster via this e-mail address (or via me):
  • We log it and usually two or three times a year there is an internal meeting to discuss with Development the feasibility of all the requests received.
  • After which I will advise all requesters whether or not the feature they requested has been accepted into the Product Roadmap.
  • The Product Roadmap is voted on by customers each year, so that we can determine the top 10 requests from a customer perspective and therefore plan the next set of development.

We encourage all customers who have thoughts on what changes/new features would benefit them and others, whether small changes to existing functionality or brand new features, to submit their ideas to

Even if you don't submit any feature requests do take part in this year's prioritisation exercise taking place in September (voting ends in October) - your vote is important. Just e-mail to confirm that you would like to take part and at the appropriate time I will send you a copy of the Product Roadmap with a voting form.

The product roadmap can be found on the Customer secure webpage - please contact Triaster on for details of how to access this.

More information

If you would like any more information or would like to trial the Triaster Solution we would be delighted to hear from you.

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