Meet John Goldsmith

Microsoft Visio specialist


John is Triaster's Microsoft Visio Specialist. John is one of sixteen Microsoft Visio MVPs worldwide and has been working with the product for over 9 years. He has extensive, in-depth knowledge of the software and a great deal of experience in fulfilling customisation requirements for multiple, varied organisations. This includes Microsoft themselves.

Triaster saw how this would improve our ability to deliver more functionality to our customers and since October 2012 John has been building and amending our customer-specific Stencil and Templates. He has a great attention for detail and is fantastic at taking unformed ideas and creating new easy to use features.

And this is what John says about working with Triaster...

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I've found working with the team at Triaster a very rewarding experience, both from a technical perspective and a professional relationship one.

At the technical level the core Triaster solution is flexible enough to accommodate the differing requirements that naturally occur between industries and individual organisations. This gels particularly well with Visio's inherent flexibility that enables you to rapidly build custom functionality and logic unique to an individual project. A recent example of that flexibility would be a Node master shape, developed for Skanska UK, which provides swimlane functionality when dropped on a flowchart template, but hides this functionality when used in a process template.

On a personal level, it's genuinely satisfying to be involved with a team who work so hard to solve problems and who really care about their customers. So, I get to use software that I love and interact with people that are a pleasure to work with. Beat that for a job!

John Goldsmith

Fact File

Been working with Triaster since


Professionally he is most proud of...

having been a recipient of the Microsoft Visio MVP award every year since 2008


...well Visio really, but also cooking and woodwork with the kids (independently of course)


Creating and building new visual solutions to data that once lurked in spreadsheets and databases


Data with no insight

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

John's attention to detail matches John Blight's