T.U.G. News

Linda Spinks presents the latest news from the User Group


T.U.G. News is the Triaster User Group section of Connector and will be a monthly feature.

It is in two parts: 'We tell you' and 'You tell us'. In the first section we will update you on what's happening in our User Community and in the second section we will feature your views and ideas.

We tell you

Firstly what is the User Group?

  • All Triaster Customers are automatically members of the Triaster User Group, which meets twice a year for a day long meeting hosted at customer sites around the UK. Triaster team members attend by invitation only, usually to demonstrate new product features and run specifically requested functionality workshops.

Typically the agenda is as follows:

  • Introduction by the Chairperson
  • Soap Box - an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas, or get something off your chest!
  • Customer presentation - by the Host
  • Special Interest Group update (more on Special Interest Groups next month)
  • An update by Triaster
  • Discussion regarding feature requests
  • Breakout session - split into groups if needed, to discuss topics of particular interest

I am the Chairperson, the Treasurer is Julie Mack, 3663 and the Secretary position is open for members who are interested.

The last User Group meeting was held on the 4th October 2011 at the City of Bristol College, many thanks to Steve Steeds for hosting a great day. In total 20 Users attended from a range of industries including education, technology, defence and engineering.

Points raised at the Soap Box included:

  • Difficulties of reading process maps due to their onscreen size Changing the term Node to Map
  • Room for improvements with library search

Steve Steeds gave a presentation, which included a great tour of the college.

The Education SPIG update was given by Mark Britchford, University of Leeds:

  • He suggested that perhaps two nominated Education users could attend the main User Group meeting and feedback to Education users. This would free up Main User group spaces.
  • Topic specific discussion groups were also suggested.

The breakout discussion session covered how the Triaster Solution can be used to help support the implementation of new systems into organisations, rather than just being used to improve processes after the new system has been implemented.

Triaster's update covered:

  • The improved Knowledge Base
  • An overview of the development of version 11.2 to be released in 2012
  • Plans for 12.1 development; mainly in respect of improved searching, and reporting. The Customer Focus Day scheduled for 14th December will focus on these.

The next User Group meeting is to be held on 26th April 2012 and will be hosted by Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions in Sheffield.

You tell us

In this section we will feature some of your thoughts and ideas as posted to www.triaster.co.uk/connector or if that's not possible, e-mailed to me.

Your views can be on anything! Some ideas to get you started are:

  • Anything featured in the Connector
  • Follow-ups to a User Group discussion
  • Suggestions for future User Group discussions
  • Feedback on Customer Focus Days - what was discussed, what did you get out of the day?
  • Feedback on other Community Events attended - have you just attended (for example) a Technical Workshop? Would you recommend it, who to? Your thoughts on the Triaster article - this month DMAIC - chosen I am told, because of the interest at the last User Group meeting
  • Your feature suggestions

But don't let me limit you!

I really look forward to hearing from you.



Conference & User Group Pictures

ug_1Woodland Grange, our conference venue

ug_2Kerry Ann and Ray in deep thought

ug_3Linda and Sue go head to head

ug_4Linda and Mike present Terry Giles and Suzy Jearum, of ING Direct UK, with the Triaster ROI award winner's certificate

ug_5...and to Claire Nuttall of the University of Bristol the runners up award