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Ask The Crowd is an easy and fun way for your customers to give feedback, vote and comment on features to improve your product or services

With Ask The Crowd...


Customer Ideas and Feedback are Centrally Captured

Your customers and team will always have had great ideas about how to improve your product, service or project.

Some will have told you about them, but many would not have found the time. Ask The Crowd makes it so simple for them to give you their feedback, that they will do just that.

All of their feedback will be centrally captured and recorded – no more scrolling through e-mails, updating spreadsheets and worrying that a great idea may have fallen through the cracks.


Feedback is Automatically Prioritised

All the feedback submitted by your team and customers - your users - can be reviewed, commented on and voted for, by all your other users. This immediately prioritises the most popular feedback, as these will receive the most votes.


Development Progress Communication is Baked-in

Every item of feedback has its own development lifecycle.

When first given, feedback is automatically at the first stage of that lifecycle. If you decide to take an item of feedback through the process of developing it from an idea to a new feature, you will promote it through its lifecycle.

Ask The Crowd automatically communicates this to both your team and your customers – so that they know in real time how each item of feedback has progressed.


Setting up Your Own Development or Improvement Lifecycles Couldn't be Easier

If the lifecycles available in Ask The Crowd don’t work for you – you can very easily set up your own.

You will have your own process for turning ideas into reality. Whether that is a software development process, a defect resolution process or a service improvement process…, it is likely to be unique to your organisation. These lifecycles can easily be set up in Ask The Crowd, so that each lifecycle stage reflects what’s actually being done with each item of feedback.


A Product or Improvement Roadmap is Ready-made

Ask The Crowd gives complete visibility on your product or improvement roadmap to all your users. There is no need to compile separate documentation explaining your development or improvement plans, your full roadmap is there for your users to see whenever they want to look.

For example, here are Ask The Crowd features that have been accepted for development:

...and here are the ones that are being worked on today:


Access and Set-up Couldn’t be Easier- Just Login

Ask The Crowd is hosted in the cloud, so there is no software to download or install. You simply login. All data is automatically stored safely and securely, with no back-up required.

Core Product Features

Fine tune your results

Our filters enable you to sort and view feedback by topic and lifecycle stage. You also sort by date added and popularity.

Snapshot metrics

Net UP vs DOWN vote scores and total vote counts, give everyone an instant indication of the popularity and activity on any given item of feedback.

Capture written feedback

Users can comment on feedback developing it and giving you valuable additional insight.

Enriched commenting

Upload attachment of grabs and documents to provide background context is built-in.

Change of heart?

Users can easily alter their vote or cancel it all together.

Control Voting

Put chosen lifecycle stages in to a no-vote status to freeze the voting on an item of feedback.

Instant administration

Admins have inline access to moderate, change status and share feedback.

Usage statistics

Access data on topic popularity, user activity and much more.

E-mail update

Subscription to regular e-mail updates, keeps you informed even when you are not logged in.

Manage feature suggestions to give clarity and transparency for all

It's all hard-baked into Ask The Crowd


All feature suggestions are immediately listed in Ask The Crowd. Votes, comments and attachments are totally visible. Button click promotion through your development lifecycle.

Full transparency and clarity for all your users

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