Triaster Platform Frequently asked questions

Can I import my existing Microsoft Visio maps into my Process Library? If so, how?

Triaster’s native file format is the Visio file format itself, so an import is unnecessary and a Triaster Process Library can work natively with any Microsoft Visio diagram. Therefore, Visio diagrams produced using other standards such as BPMN, or indeed any format, can be fully utilised in the Triaster Process Library.

It is important to stress that the ultimate quality and usefulness of the diagram is dependent on how it was produced, and on how much care is taken in defining the conversion mapping. A common ‘gotcha’ for example is when customers group their shapes in order to move them or re-size them more easily, but in so doing of course completely de-link the group from any Master.
The following is not an exhaustive list, but should be taken into account when considering the feasibility of using your existing processes:
  • Are shapes in the source diagram used consistently, or is the same shape used in different ways? For example, is the Document shape referring to Documents in one place and Activities in another?
  • Are there are groups in the source diagram? Can they be ungrouped?
  • Are there non-grouped shapes that nevertheless do not have a Master?
  • Does the off-page connector flow need to be manufactured, or is it inherent in the diagram, or is it irrelevant (each page is being treated as an independent map)?