Triaster Platform Frequently asked questions

Can we extract data from the Triaster platform?

Triaster has a variety of reporting capabilities of which the majority can be exported in to Excel from the Triaster Solution. Each of the shapes used within a Triaster Process map is its own object database. This allows data to be stored behind each and every shape. This data can be extracted from the solution through reports.

Any data entered in to the process maps, or settings which have been used to define configurations for your specific Triaster System set up, are also saved in an XML catalogue file which itself can be extracted and used by other systems to support the transfer/sharing of data. Data from third party systems can also be manipulated to be incorporated in to the Triaster system.

One example of this is data stored within the process maps in a Properties file can then be searched and reported on from a Process Library, or exported to Excel using Process Navigator.