Triaster Platform Frequently asked questions

Does the system have to be implemented globally or is there an option for individual areas to use the system as they require?

No, the system does not have to be implemented globally. There is indeed scope within the Triaster platform to ring-fence content for different audiences. Below are some examples of how individual areas can use the system independently.

The Professional system has in-built Business Analysis Libraries solely for the purpose of comparing As-Is and To-Be variants. The content in the Business Analysis Libraries is not generally suitable for general consumption, so should not be available to the wider organisation. 

Sometimes content needs to remain confidential such as HR processes. In this instance, HR could have their own site or Library containing their process content, or the content could remain in the organisation-wide Library but could be restricted from being viewed by others in the organisation.

Some organisations want to share some of their processes with external parties such as suppliers, customers and prospects. Non-sensitive process content can be ring-fenced into read-only Libraries that sit outside the firewall and are therefore accesible to external parties.

Process Libraries can be commissioned and decommissioned easily so can be project-based or for joint ventures.