Triaster Platform Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to access the Process Library when off-site?

Yes. You can access your Process Library when off-site in several different ways.

A Triaster Process Library can be viewed in two formats: Desktop and Mobile. The standard, fully featured Desktop format is designed primarily for the larger screens of desktop PCs, whereas the Mobile format is designed for use on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. It is a simpler, cut-down version of the desktop format with map viewing and simple search facilities but no approvals or administration functions. To view a site in Mobile format, click on the Mobile Site link when in desktop view. This link is only available when the Home tab is active or when you have selected Search Maps on the Search tab.

In the Mobile format, maps are listed in a simple tree-style hierarchy on the Home page. The Search tab is equivalent to the Quick Search feature in desktop format.

If you have employees who work from home, you can set up specific access via their IP address, so that they are treated in the same way as employees accessing the library from your offices.