Triaster Platform Frequently asked questions

What can I report on and what should I be reporting on?

A Triaster Process Library comes pre-loaded with a multitude of reporting capabilities. The reports reference data captured behind the shapes on process maps using the customisable Properties File. See the below image for examples of some of the available reports. Many reports are usually installed within the Triaster software, however if you are looking for a particular report and cannot find it, please contact us on and we will either be able to send you a predefined report or discuss your requirements for a new one.


As for what should you be reporting on? Well this is completely dependent on the scope of your project and what you are aiming to achieve. If you are implementing a Process Library to help with ISO9001 certification, then you could make use of our pre-defined ISO reports. If you are focusing on process improvement, our Performance Summary reports along with the Process Metrics functionality (which is currently in Beta testing) will surely help you out.

We recommend having a set of Mandatory Properties that have to be completed on every process map, and corresponding reports to make the most of this captured data.