Triaster Platform Frequently asked questions

What data is stored behind a map?

Every Activity and Deliverable used in a Process Navigator map can store data. The definition of the data to be stored is contained in an XML file. By default, this file is installed to \Program Files\Triaster\Process Navigator\Properties.xml.

You can store any data you wish to capture, whether that is RACI, ISO Clauses, SOX data or time and cost. It's entirely up to you. Whatever data you store can then be reported on.

NOTE: Process Navigator offers two Properties.xml files. The file with the standard questions is called Properties.xml. However, there is another file called Additional Properties.xml from which you can take sections to add to your standard file. The Additional Properties.xml file is located in the same default location as mentioned above.

Instructions on how to add/edit data in your Properties file, can be found here: