Triaster Platform Frequently asked questions

What does the Triaster Document Store look like and how is it structured?

The Triaster document store can refer to the location that:

  1. Process maps (Visio diagrams) are stored - also known as the multi-map root
  2. Supporting documents such as work instructions, policies and guidance notes are stored

Process Map Store

There are three folders that correspond to each of the sites: Sandpit, PreLive and Live. There is often a Drafts folder as well.

Process maps stored in each of the folders publish to the respective sites. However, editing can only be performed in the Sandpit site as Triaster has a minor workflow capability that moves process maps between the folders dependent upon their approval status.

Document Store

Supporting documents can be stored alongside the process maps (multi-map root) in a Document folder. Customers who do not have a document management system in place can use Triaster to store their supporting documents. This folder can have sub-folders to categorise the types of document such as Work Instructions and Policies. Triaster's search functionality can also interrogate the Document folder and sub-folders as well as integrating with most document management systems.