Triaster Platform Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended approach for converting existing process maps into Triaster?

For Process Library Version 16.4 and later, Triaster can work natively with all Visio documents and no import steps are required.

Triater software uses a matching rules engine to recognise each of the shape types. For example, a “Process” shape on the Basic Flowchart template is automatically recognised to be a shape of type “Activity”. The matching rules engine can be added to by the end user so non-standard shapes and templates can also be included.

It is obviously not possible to offer all of the Triaster capabilities to every shape on every stencil because the design of the shapes themselves was not carried out by Triaster and therefore Triaster can’t assume required properties or geometrical behaviour. However, many of the capabilities can be offered, and straight out of the box publish, search, reporting, simulation and Process Metrics are all available on all shapes.  This covers the main bulk of most user requirements.