Triaster Platform Frequently asked questions

What Stencil and Template features and properties would you recommend as standard?

As standard Triaster will deliver a Stencil and Template which includes Activities, Deliverables, a Decision shape, an information button and a feedback button, which is the minimum recommendation.

We would suggest using mandatory node properties and a risk indicator, both of which are offered with the purchase of both systems (Standard and Professional).

We will ask you which properties are important to you and need to be present on every map, for example Process Owner and Author. If these properties aren’t completed by the mapper then a warning triangle will appear on your map.

The risk indicator can be used to identify when there is a risk involved in an Activity, which can be high, medium or low. The border colour of your Activity shape will change in accordance to your risk property.

For those customers purchasing a Standard system we also include a Level Indicator, which is a favourite tool among our customers. A Level Indicator shows the level of the map in the vertical hierarchy of processes.

For examples of these features and for more information, please click here: