Triaster and Libreea

Meet Libreea, Triaster's Sister Company

Triaster's sister company Libreea offer bespoke Business Management Services tailored to your business challenges.

Both Victoria Glancy (Libreea's MD) and Paul-Elson Vining (Libreea's Principal Consultant) are experts in business management and committed to support your unique business process improvements.

Libreea: Clarity, Focus & Balance

Libreea's main objective is to help you outline your business priorities in order for you to achieve your goal of making your business processes more efficient and effective. In terms of the full range of services that Libreea deliver, Victoria Glancy and Paul Elson-Vining divide them into three main segments - all focused on increasing your business efficiency and facilitating the steps from AS:IS to TO:BE.


Process capture to identify core business activities


Action plans to align processes to business goals


Communication and culture change to empower and engage employees

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