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Launching a Useful and Usable Library, that will be Used, by Carma Cooper and Victoria Glancy


Both National Oilwell Varco (NOV) and Sungard AS, launched their Triaster Process Libraries in January. Both project teams made full use of Triaster's communication package to communicate and promote the benefits of their new Management Systems to the rest of their organisations.

Sungard AS promoted their new Library, PAT (Process Application Tool) at a UK-wide event at Twickenham rugby club.

In the run up to their launches Triaster were supporting both NOV and Sungard AS. They found our 3 'U's checklist really useful, so we are now sharing them with you.

Checklist to Ensure Your Library is Useful

Useful Libraries are accurate and complete; therefore you must ensure that the end-user can't find information that has not been formally signed off and that all supporting information (documents, links etc) is also accurate. In addition, blank reports can make the Library seem incomplete, so ensure that at least the Roles and Process Owner reports are populated.

NOTE: Reports can be removed from your Process Library if they are not useful.

On launch day Derek Dixon, HSE Manager NOV posted this message on LinkedIn...

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Just launched our, Triaster based, Global HSE Management System today. We've mapped out all our main HSE processes and policy requirements in logical easy to access and read sections with clear roles and responsibilities available at a glance.

In our business unit, we now have a one-stop-shop where the correct way of doing things (reliable forms, policies, processes and documentation) can easily be found by all staff. Quite a proud day and a key step in supporting NOV's Capture Zero vision.

Checklist to Ensure Your Library is Usable

Usable Libraries contain content that is accessed easily through search and links to supporting documentation. Make the following checks to ensure that nothing prevents the end-user from finding the information they need. As soon as the end-user cannot find something they want, they will lose confidence in the system and revert back to their old ways of working.

Checklist to Ensure Your Library is Used

A Process Library will be used if it is Useful and Usable, but you do also need to let the rest of your organisation know where to find it and how it will benefit them. Explain that certain information can only be found via the Library and that new processes/documents and changes to processes/documents will be communicated through the Library. Triaster's communication package really helps with this.

Whenever you are planning to 'Go Live', please know that Triaster is on-hand to help. We know you have put a lot of effort in getting the content into the Library, and we will support you in every way to make certain that your launch is successful!

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