Triaster Quality Policy

Version 9: 19th December 2022

At Triaster, our commitment is to never compromise on the quality of our products. Quality is an integral part of our business. Our Quality principles will help us to deliver products and services that are easy to use, compliant and have zero defects. This requires everybody to be engaged, to understand their responsibility in achieving our quality objectives and to be empowered to take action. Our Quality Policy contains the essential elements of our commitment to excellence and includes to:

  • Ensure that everyone working for Triaster is competent to carry out tasks assigned to them by undertaking training, instruction or consultation
  • Comply with all legal, regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Identify risks in core activities and conduct activities to eradicate, control or mitigate
  • Commit to complying with defined requirements, processes and procedures
  • Allocate adequate financial and physical resources
  • Continuously improve the quality management system
  • Commit to a framework for setting quality objectives

Quality is about trust. At Triaster, we implement the Quality Policy through the application of our Quality Management System. This policy is the responsibility of the Managing Director. We are committed to providing the required leadership, management and resources and will ensure that the Quality Policy is reviewed annually and communicated to all employees and third parties.

Michael Cousins
Managing Director