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ATC Solopreneur


Deliver world-class customer service on a small business budget

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What is ATC Solopreneur?

ATC Solopreneur is an intuitive Customer Services tool with best practice business templates and guidance built-in. Essential for any Solopreneur or small business wanting to deliver professional, consistent, efficient and exceptional Customer Services every single time.


“ATC Solopreneur is a fantastic resource for companies who care about clear customer feedback.”

Georgia Affonso, co-founder, No-Door Theatre


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What it does

Provides a virtual Customer Services Director on tap.


A Virtual Customer Services Director on Tap

With extensive, built-in, best practice templates and guidance, using ATC Solopreneur is like having instant access to an experienced Customer Services Director. Even if you've never dealt with a situation before, ATC Solopreneur will guide you through the best-in-class response.

Features that make this possible:

  • Best practice customer service lifecycles
  • Automated e-mail updates 



Consistent, World-Class Customer Service is Baked-In

With one system for managing all customer communications and feedback, and best-practice customer service lifecyles built-in, your customer service will be consistently superb across the board, whether you are responding to a complaint, a sales enquiry, a changes of address notification, or whatever else your customers need.

Features that make this possible:

  • One central database
  • Best practice lifecycles 
  • Automated e-mail updates 


Your Customer is Always King 

ATC Solopreneur automatically puts your customers first. Offering one single way to contact you, automatically notifying your customers of what's happening and enabling them to comment and vote on any customer posts that you make public, your customers are automatically put first every step of the way.

Features that make this possible:

  • Single webpage contact point
  • Automated e-mail updates
  • Viewing audiences set
  • Comments & voting on posts


Free to trial. Affordable to adopt.

For very small organisations & solopreneurs
£5 /month, 1 Owner only
  • Unlimited Users
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