Triaster Product Release and Technical Update

Triaster Suite 14.3 is the latest Release


software_2Triaster Suite 14.3 has now been released and contains the following new features:

Process Navigator - version 14.3

Compatibility with Visio 2013

Process Navigator 14.3 is now fully compatible with Microsoft Visio 2013.

Microsoft introduced a new file format in Visio 2013 (VSDM) which replaces the format previously used (VDX). The new file format means that all the components needed by Visio are stored in a zip file, as opposed to text files for the VDX format. Generally, this means that a file that would be around 1.5 MB in size as a VDX, would be around 400KB as a VSDM.

Anyone wishing to upgrade to Visio 2013, should be aware that all machines (including servers) using Triaster software will need to be on the same version of Visio. It is NOT possible to use a mixture of different versions.


Process Navigator 14.3 has a built-in utility to upgrade VDX files to VSDM files (with the option to archive the original VDX files). The upgrade process is simple (sample screen above) and will only need to be done once.

Note: We strongly recommend that customers contact Triaster customer services ( prior to rolling out Visio 2013. A small number of older stencils may need to be manually upgraded prior to using this version of Visio.

Triaster Server - version 14.3


Technical Help

A new Technical Help document is automatically installed with 14.3. This guide covers the technical configuration and upgrade of your Process Library. Accordingly it is not accessible through the Library but it can be accessed using the following URL (replacing localhost with your domain name):


Alerts and Approvals

Automatic copy of maps as part of the approvals process has been introduced with 14.3.

With this new feature, a map can be dropped into the Sandpit site, and following Approval published into the Live site without anyone needing to start a publication.

It is necessary to use our standard three site structure with Live, Prelive and Sandpit mapstore folders, however most customers are using this setup already.

It is also important that each process map is saved in its own file. Otherwise, process maps may be copied incorrectly. (For detailed instructions on how to separate maps into one map, one file, please read: Preparing for Auto Synchronisation:

This feature is currently being further developed for release in version 15.1 in March/April 2015. Significant enhancements to the Menu Editor will also be released in version 15.1, including the ability to specify a photo and a position for menu items, as well as the ability to populate the menu from the existing published html content.

Both Process Navigator and Triaster Server 14.3 contain issue fixes.

How do I upgrade to the latest Software?

Please note:
Given that version 15.1 is planned to be released shortly (March/April 2015) you may prefer to wait for version 15.1 before upgrading, in order to avoid upgrading twice within a fairly short period of time.

Version 14.3 Process Navigator and Triaster Server software is available for download from the Triaster Knowledge Base: Software Download page.

If you need a reminder of your activation code, please also e-mail

For those upgrading from software version 13.1 or later you are able to upgrade your own Triaster Server software (or Process Library). The instructions to do this can be found by clicking here.

We recommend that this is initially completed on a test server. We also recommend contacting before scheduling a self-upgrade. This is so that:

  • We can advise if you have any bespoke features or implementation set up, which may need additional steps to the standard upgrade.
  • We can ensure that Triaster Support are on hand should you require assistance.

For those considering upgrading from a software version prior to 13.1, please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234 to discuss the amount of liaison required with the Triaster technical team.

An e-mail advising of the release of Triaster Suite 14.3 has been sent to all customers registered to receive notifications of Product Releases and Technical Updates.

If you are not already registered please do so by completing an enquiry form at:

Register to receive product release notifications


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