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What is a Triaster Process Library?

A Process Library is an easy to understand, easy to navigate, secure website, intelligently presenting all your processes, policies, forms and guidance documents. A useful and usable Business Management System that everyone in your company will use.

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How a Triaster Process Library can improve business performance

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What a Triaster Process Library does

Shares your business processes so everyone, always, knows what to do.

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One single source of truth

A Triaster Process Library is a reference hub which presents one single source of accurate information for your company. This means everyone knows that the processes, policies, documents and forms available in the Process Library are up-to-date and can be relied upon. All knowledge is stored at an organisational level, rather than on desktops and in individuals’ heads. It is never lost when key staff leave and can always be accessed, even from home and via a mobile phone.

Features that make this possible:

  • Secure website (Process Library) licensed for unlimited viewers
  • Access via Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera
  • Access via iPhone, PC, tablet
  • Unlimited process mapping software (Process Navigator)

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Promotes best practice as standard

With everyone in your organisation able to easily view one single best practice way of working, they are unlikely to come up with their own way of doing things. With all staff following best practice, mistakes, inefficiencies, breaches in compliance and accidents are so much less likely to happen.

Features that make this possible:

  • Multi-language support
  • Create processes in Microsoft Visio: using Triaster Traditional, Triaster Custom, BPMN, Basic Flowchart, Audit Diagram, IDEF0... templates
  • Native Support for Microsoft Visio diagrams (No import necessary) 
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Compliance with quality standards and accreditations

A Triaster Process Library not only enables easier compliance with specific quality standards and regulatory requirements, it also enables you to easily and quickly demonstrate that compliance, which in turn makes your compliance audits so much easier, quicker and cheaper.

Features that make this possible:

  • Sandpit and Prelive websites for draft & unapproved map review
  • Web-based process approval & review capacity 
  • Auditable change history report
  • Auto-increment version & revision numbers on publish & approval

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Promotes ownership but breaks down silos

A Triaster Process Library clearly identifies and advertises who is responsible and who is accountable for what actions. This promotes greater employee responsibility and ownership of processes. However, because each person and each department can see where they fit in the end-to-end process, it also breaks down silos, meaning mistakes and errors at handover points are far less likely.

Features that make this possible:

  • RACI, Risk Analysis, Revision, Review Reports 
  • Search based on job role, system and process owner
  • Sort, filter & group job role, system & process owner search results
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A base point for process improvement

Containing all your organisation’s processes, linked together to show the end-to-end view and linking to your policies, procedures and other relevant documents and forms, your Process Library is in fact an AS-IS model of how your organisation works. Once this is captured it can be understood and the model can be changed, to test various potential quality improvement project options.

Features that make this possible:

  • AS IS vs TO BE Process Comparison Report
  • Display properties on maps 
  • Process Transformation Report 
  • Aggregable data

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Process Library Showcase

View our demo process library and some real examples from our customers.

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