Triaster Product Release and Technical Update

Triaster Suite 15.3 is the latest Release


Triaster Suite 15.3 has now been released and contains the following new features:

Triaster Server - version 15.3

Process Library User Specific Permissions

The e-mail based logon previously used for Approvals only, has been extended in version 15.3. This e-mail based logon now also applies to the Administration tool (replacing the current system). A new Edit Users screen enables user permissions to be specified; this replaces the current Edit Approvers screen.

The new permissions system allows the Library Administrator precise control over which users can access which parts of the Administration system (including Approvals). In addition, users are now able to manage their own passwords.

The new Edit Users screen can be accessed from both Administration and Approvals.


'Edit Users' shows the current full list of Users and their permissions. Users can be added and deleted here:


Clicking 'Edit', enables users' permissions to be changed:


The following permission options are available.

  • User Administrator: a User Administrator can change the privileges associated with user accounts, create/delete new users, and add, delete or edit map authors and functions. Any Approver who currently has library administrator permissions will be given this permission level by default.
  • Publication: allows Publish and Refresh Search.
  • Clone/Delete Sites and Libraries: allows libraries and sites to be cloned or deleted.
  • Edit Menu: gives access to the Menu Editor.
  • Edit News Page: allows update of the News Page by editing headlines, updating document status or removing proposals.
  • Approver: the Approver role now has two modes; "Approve Assigned Files Only" and "Approve All Files". The latter enables users to approve documents on behalf of others and replaces the concept of Super User which is currently used.
  • Reviewer: a new Reviewer role has been created for 15.3. Currently the reviewers' drop-down list on a map is populated with Approvers. From 15.3 it will be possible to separate these lists if required.
  • These permission levels apply for both the Approvals and Administration tool. Items in the left hand menu pane are hidden or shown based on whether these permissions are enabled for the current user.


    Andrew has all permissions granted so the full menu options are visible in the screen shot above. Karen has Approver permissions only, so the menu options visible to her logon are restricted. See screen shot below.


    Please note the current Administration usernames and passwords are no longer valid from 15.3 onwards. Users who currently have Administration rights within the Approvals tool are still able to publish. If additional publication users are required, these can be created by one of the Administrator users. For more information on this, please click here.

    Cloud-based Library Hosting

    Upgrade to 15.3 also allows the use of a new cloud based hosted solution to replace our previous hosted offering. The cloud-based nature of these servers allows very quick set-up times. Process mappers continue to use Process Navigator on their own machines with the maps being continuously synced between the mappers' machines and the server.

    For more information on this, please click here.

    This feature is only relevant for customers who would like Triaster to provide Process Library servers, not those organisations using their own servers. If you are interest in cloud-based hosting, please contact Customer Services.

    Process Navigator - version 15.3

    Change to Date Format

    In order for our date format to be compliant with international standards, the standard date format on map properties has been updated. This new format is YYYY-MM-DD, for example 2016-01-15. This format is displayed on both the Visio maps and the published content. No action is necessary by either the library administrator or the mapper; the new date format will be adopted whenever new data is saved.

    If you have any concerns about this, please please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234 and they will advise if there are any customisation options that could be suitable for your organisation.

    Both Process Navigator and Triaster Server 15.3 contain various issue fixes.

    How do I upgrade to the latest Software?

    Triaster Server (upgrading from version 14.3 or earlier)

    Because each Triaster Process Library has a customised homepage design and specific alerts and approvals requirements, the configuration of the new menu editor and alerts and approvals functionality will need to be Library specific. Accordingly we are recommending that upgrade to version 15.3 takes place in consultation with the Triaster Customer Success Team.

    If you are already on the 15.3 upgrade waiting list, or if we know that you are awaiting a specific defect fix being released in version 15.3, we will contact you with a recommended upgrade plan.

    If you are not on the 15.3 upgrade waiting list, or are not sure if you are, please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234.

    The upgrade process will both agree the configuration and training needed for implementing 15.3 functionality and also review any previously released features that you aren't currently using and agree an implementation plan for these too.

    Triaster Server (upgrading from version 15.1 or later)

    This is a relatively straightforward process and it may be possible to self-upgrade depending on the complexity of your system. Please contact Triaster Customer Services who will be able to advise you further.

    Process Navigator

    Our recommendation is to keep your Process Navigator software the same version as your Triaster Server software. In particular if upgrading to Microsoft Visio 2013, all machines (including servers) using Triaster software need to be upgraded to Visio 2013 and Triaster software the same time.

    However if you are not upgrading to Visio 2013, version 15.3 Process Navigator is available for download from the Triaster Knowledge Base: Software Download page.

    An e-mail advising of the release of Triaster Suite 15.3 has been sent to all customers registered to receive notifications of Product Releases and Technical Updates.

    If you are not already registered, please do so here:

    Register to receive product release notifications


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