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Coming soon in Triaster Suite version 15.1


Triaster Suite version 15.1 is due for release in April 2015. It will contain the following features.

Triaster Server - version 15.1

Alerts and Approvals

Automatic copy of maps and initiation of publishes as part of the approvals process, introduced in version 14.3, is been significantly enhanced in version 15.1.

With version 15.1, a map can be dropped into the Sandpit site, and published into the Live site (after Approval), without anyone needing to start a publication.

It will be necessary to use our standard three site structure with Live, Prelive and Sandpit mapstore folders - most customers are using this setup already.

The mapping and approvals process will be as follows:

  1. Initial Content Development: Process mapping will be done within the Draft folder (which is not part of the approvals process) and moved manually to the Sandpit folder, or directly within the Sandpit folder. Authors will have no access to maps in either Prelive or Live.
  2. Automatic publication of Sandpit: It will be possible to configure the Sandpit site to automatically run a publication at set intervals, if maps have been changed or created.
  3. Copy from Sandpit to Prelive: When a map is complete the author will mark it as 'Ready for Approval' (new node property which is added automatically) in Sandpit. The map will be copied automatically to Prelive when the Sandpit site is published. Once this has been done, the copy in Sandpit will be marked as 'Approval in Progress - Do not edit' and the map will be greyed out.
  4. Automatic Publication of Prelive: Once a map has been copied to the Prelive mapstore (being Ready For Approval), a publish will be started automatically and Approvals Required e-mails will be sent out once this has completed.
  5. Re-work: If a map requires re-work it will automatically be copied back to the Sandpit folder and set back to editable mode. Notification e-mails will now be sent to all approvers and the Author of the map, not the approver requesting rework.
  6. Approval: Once a map has been fully approved (by all Approvers),it will be copied from Prelive to Liven and Sandpit.
  7. Automatic Publication of Live and Sandpit: Once maps have been copied to Live and Sandpit mapstores, publishes are started automatically in each of these sites.

It is vital that each process map has its own file.

A check is carried out prior to copying files to ensure each file only contains one map. If a file contains two or more maps, a warning e-mail will be sent to the author and the file will not be copied. See diagram below:


For detailed instructions on how to separate maps into one map, one file, please read: Preparing for Auto Synchronisation:

Menu Editor

Significant enhancements to the Menu Editor are being released in version 15.1. The Menu Editor doesn't require manual editing of the the flash-menu.xml file in order to update your Library Homepage, and will include the ability to specify a photo and a position for menu items, as well as the ability to populate the menu from the existing published html content. It has been very well received by everyone who has seen it (such as customers attending the User Group meeting on 5th March).

This is what Paul Elson - Vining has to say about it:

"I don't often get this excited about changes in our software as Triaster are all about continual improvement and development, but version 15.1 is going to save literally days of time. This is why...


If you are using a flash menu which uses the flashmenu.xml file, you currently need to manually edit anxml file in order to link your maps to your homepage. A few years ago I wrote a report to enable copy and paste of the tag into the file, but this was still very manual and relied on you knowing where to put the tag.

With the new menu editor, accessed from the Library administration page (which requires a log in), you can see all the entries on your homepage as they currently stand. The new menu editor is intelligent in that it cross checks menu items from the homepage to that of the catalogue file (which is updated on publish and contains all the data for search and reports etc.).

Why is this important? If you have an entry on the homepage that is not in the catalogue, if you were to click the link from the homepage, you would get a 404-error page stating 'page cannot be found'. The menu editor will now highlight in yellow any entries which have errors in them, prompting the Library Administrator to correct them and take action. It also turns that entry red so you can immediately see the row once you 'open' the group.

That is good news already... but I have not finished yet! We now have a published content view, sorted alphabetically by folder and level in hierarchy - as defined by that in the MapStore - and you can now drag entire folders of maps and drop them directly into a menu. This may sound a simple task, but for the development team here in Triaster there were a number of big hurdles to overcome to pave the way for this. The result being, you can now publish a map and add it to the menu almost immediately, without needing to access the flash menu file at all.


Some of you may have used the beta version of the menu editor, but this had its limitations and could not be used by customers who use reference numbers or had images for particular entries. These issues have now been resolved. For those of you that want to, you can still add links to non-process maps by using the details view, or if you really must, you can still add entries in the old way manually".

Upgrade to Triaster Server version 15.1

Because each Triaster Process Library has a customised homepage design and specific alerts and approvals requirements, the configuration of the new menu editor and alerts and approvals functionality will need to be Library specific. Accordingly we are recommending that upgrade to version 15.1 takes place in consultation with the Triaster Customer Success Team. There will be more information regarding this at the time of the release of Triaster Suite version 15.1.

Process Navigator - version 15.1

The Triaster Simulation Engine

Prototype software extending the feature set of the Triaster Simulation Engine is being released with Process Navigator version 15.1. The End-to-End Process (E2EP) Object representing the end-to end process in one shape is being introduced in version 15.1. This will greatly assist Business Analysts in tabulating and quantifying the cost of changing a process.

The Triaster Simulation Engine will be further developed and enhanced in future releases, with for example the addition of a Business Improvement web front end. Anyone interested in inputting into and influencing the development of Triaster Business Improvement functionality should contact Michael Cousins directly on or call him on (0)870 402 1234.

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