Triaster Product Release and Technical Update

Triaster Suite 13.2


Triaster Server - latest version 13.2

  • Document Management System integration is now much simpler: We have always been able to bespoke the software to merge with customer-specific document management systems; however we have now embedded the capability to reference document management systems directly from the solution with ease. The current quick search results are split into two tabs, one for process search results and one for document search results. By default, the document search is configured to look at the document repository on the Triaster server. However, it's now possible to configure the document search to use a different URL, such as, a SharePoint repository. Alternatively, another document management system could be referenced. This allows an external document management system to be seamlessly integrated into the Triaster Solution. It's also possible to configure a third tab with a separate URL and to specify which tab is shown by default.
  • Configurable Site/Library Toolbar: It's now possible for a Library Administrator to control which tabs are included in the toolbar. For example, you may wish to hide the Approvals tab from the Sandpit and Live sites, as approvals will only take place within the Prelive site.


  • software_2Multiple Business Functions can now receive the What's Changed Alert: This new feature allows the Author to add a list of business functions (rather than just one) to be notified when a process map is changed. This is currently achieved by entering the values as a comma-separated list rather than from the drop-down list.
  • Library Level Approvals: A number of customers are now implementing a multiple library architecture, where each library represents a Business Unit or Core Function. (For more information please see the Focus on a Feature article Multiple Process Library Architectures.) To enable this, it's now possible to set up the approval process to work at individual library level, for example, by assigning library specific approvers.

Process Navigator - latest version 13.2

  • Automated Rollback now in place: This long awaited feature is to avoid the situation whereby when an operation (say Generate maps from Excel) has to be cancelled mid-way through when half of the maps have been imported and half haven't. It is also to deal with the problem arising when a Shape Replace is performed and although all the maps are modified, the resulting maps are not in the desired state. The new Rollback feature enables stress free reversion to the maps' state prior to the operation being performed.

    Prior to performing an operation, all maps are copied into a Rollback folder. The folder is time stamped and a descriptive label file is stored in the folder. Process Navigator then performs the operation. At the end, if a file has not changed during the operation, its Rollback counterpart is deleted, otherwise it is kept. Whenever an operation is cancelled the Rollback is performed automatically. Furthermore, at any point, files can be recovered from the Rollback folders - this is a simple overwrite operation. Most operations are currently supported, in time all will be. Rollback is turned on by default, but can be disabled if required (within Process Navigator via Tools> Options> Replace Features). Please note that this feature is for Library Administrators and Authors and should not be enabled on Process Navigator located on the server. With this feature now in place, the confirmation warning dialogs (for example before Shape Replace) have been removed.
  • Auto-synchronise Properties file with a Triaster Server: Supporting the rule for all Authors to use a single properties.xml file, this new feature ensures that the server-based properties.xml file is synchronised with all Authors. This is especially useful for Authors working remotely. When they return to the office and connect to the network, their Properties file will automatically try to synchronise with the one saved on the server. If the Properties.xml file saved to the server can be retrieved, it is downloaded and overwrites the local file. (If it can't, the previously downloaded Properties.xml is used.) This feature enables the Library Administrator or system (in the case of approvals) to make changes to the properties file (e.g. adding a new approver) which are automatically rolled out to all mappers.
  • Auto-update of Level property in Node: For some customers who had the Node Level Indicator feature as part of their template, the only method to update the level indicator was to manually edit the properties file for each process map. With this new Process Navigator feature, the Node level is updated automatically as it reads the level of the process map directly from the Visio file.


  • Import Properties Extended to all Triaster Shapes: Previously, only Activities, Deliverables or Nodes could be updated from Import Properties. Now, any Triaster shape can be updated.
  • Mapping Options Available via Process Navigator: Previously, these options could only be accessed by opening the process map in Visio. Now, they can be accessed directly from Process Navigator by selecting Tools> Mapping Options.



  • Cross Library Off-Page Connectors now enabled: End users are now able to navigate an end-to-end flow that spans many libraries, whilst at the same time being able to partition their libraries into departmental libraries. Another key feature for a multiple library architecture.
  • Off-Page Connectors link to Top Level Map only: Previously, off-page connectors could connect across the same level or across multiple levels. This new feature enables off-page connectors to be added to the highest level the deliverable is available.

Future Plans

Following on from the discussions at the last Customer Focus Day and User Group meeting, an update on Triaster Server development focus is below.

  • Mobile version of Process Library: We're aiming to create a version of the Triaster Process Library which is fully compatible with all commonly-used browsers and works smoothly and intuitively on both smartphones and tablets.
  • Web-based configuration tool: We're currently working on a web-based tool to replace the current server-based Configuration Utility. This will have a clear and easy-to-understand design, making both library administration tasks and technical set-up quick and simple. We're aiming to discuss this more at the Triaster Focus Day.
  • Tool to edit Flash menu layout: We've had feedback that editing the XML file directly can be frustrating for library administrators and so are planning a new easy-to-use web interface for this.
  • Improved Handling of Multiple Approvers: As many of our customers are opting to implement multiple approvers for their processes, we are continuing to focus on improving how the approvals process handles multiple approvers.

Detail on the development plans for Process Navigator will be included in a later edition of the Connector.

How do I upgrade to the latest Software?

Process Navigator 13.2 is available for download from the Triaster Knowledge Base, Software Download page.

This is no longer password protected. You are however still required to enter your activation code. If you need a reminder of this, please also e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234.

Upgrading your Library

At the time of any Library upgrade, we will install the latest software released. Therefore anyone on the list for upgrade to 11.2 will be automatically upgraded to the latest Triaster Server release (currently 13.2).

The Library upgrade process from software version 10.1 or earlier is a reasonably complex process, which is delivered free of charge by remote install (only) by Triaster for all Library customers.

If you haven't yet commenced the Library upgrade process, please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234. The lead time on upgrades is over three months. Please also be aware that there is a period of liaison and discussion regarding carry forward of customisations in respect of your current Library and integration with latest functionality.

If you have already been upgraded to your Library to version 11.2 or later, the upgrade to version 13.2 is much more straight forward, but does require some liaison. Please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234 to discuss.

To join the discussion please go to this LinkedIn thread.

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