Triaster Product Release and Technical Update

Triaster Suite 16.3 is the latest Release


Triaster Suite 16.3 has now been released and contains the following new features:

Triaster Server - Version 16.3

Configuration Settings Tool

This is a new feature designed to allow library administrators to easily make changes to settings such as publication e-mail addresses. Until now, the library administrator has had to access the server directly to make such a change. Now it is just highly technical configuration changes, such as mail server details, which need to be made on the server by a technical administrator.

The settings are divided into logical functional areas, such as Approvals, News, Publication... making simple tweaks much easier to make.

A configuration setting can be made at a global level and will be propagated down through all libraries and all sites within those libraries. Changes made at library level will propagate down through all sites within that library. A change can also be made at site level overriding the global or library setting.

The user permissions feature, brought in with 15.3, allows control over which users can access these settings.

The feature is enabled by default and is accessed from the Administration tool. In order to use this tool the logged on user will need to have the Configure Settings permission on ALL libraries (as the tool acts globally).

The configuration tool divides the various settings into functional areas


A value can be saved at global level and the change will take effect throughout all libraries and site


A value saved at global level can consequently be over-ridden at site level


Both Process Navigator and Triaster Server 16.3 contain various issue fixes.

How do I upgrade to the latest Software?

Triaster Server

We do recommend for 16.3, that upgrades are done by Triaster in order to ensure that your systems are fully optimised and you are making full use of all features.

If you are already on the 16.3 upgrade waiting list, or if we know that you are awaiting a specific defect fix being released in version 16.3, we will contact you with a recommended upgrade plan.

If you are not on the 16.3 upgrade waiting list, or are not sure if you are, please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234.

The upgrade process will both agree the configuration and training needed for implementing 16.3 functionality and also review any previously released features that you aren't currently using and agree an implementation plan for these too.

Please contact Customer Services ( if you have any questions or concerns about this process.

Process Navigator

Our recommendation is to keep your Process Navigator software the same version as your Triaster Server software. In particular if upgrading to Microsoft Visio 2013, all machines (including servers) using Triaster software need to be upgraded to Visio 2013 and Triaster software the same time.

However if you are not upgrading to Visio 2013, version 16.3 Process Navigator is available for download from the Triaster Knowledge Base: Software Download page.

An e-mail advising of the release of Triaster Suite 16.3 has been sent to all customers registered to receive notifications of Product Releases and Technical Updates.

If you are not already registered, please do so here:

This is an updated version of an article originally published in May 2016 announcing the release of Triaster Suite version 16.2. The Triaster Suite software version has now been updated to 16.3, following incremental changes.

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