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Triaster Suite 13.3


Triaster Server - version 13.3

Improvements to Approvals System: In earlier versions of the Triaster Server, the Approvals system had a couple of limitations if multiple approval types were being used:

  • The 'Subject to approval' tagline is removed when the Content Approval status is set to Approved. Clearly, this is not helpful if the Compliance Approval status (for example) is still set to Modified.
  • The incrementing of the version number (if configured) will happen each time an Approver approves a map; if there is a Content Approver type and a Compliance Approver type, the revision number will change twice during the Approvals process.

In version 13.3 this has been updated to the following:

  • The version (or revision) number will only increment once ALL approvers have approved the map
  • The 'Subject to approval' tagline will disappear only when ALL approvers have approved the map. If an author subsequently sets an Approval status back to Modified, the tagline will re-appear.
  • An "OverallApprovalDate" property and "OverallApprovalStatus" property will be automatically created. These can be used to create reports about Approved or Unapproved maps within a site.

Please note that you will need to upgrade both Process Navigator and Triaster Server in order to benefit from this updated functionality.

Anyone wanting to change their process map template from showing, for example, a 'Last Revised' date to an 'Approval Date' will be able to do so, although this is a chargeable change, costing one consultancy day. Please contact for further information.

Authors and Functions can now be set at Library level if required: In 13.2 we introduced functionality to enable library specific approvers. In 13.3 there is an option to set Authors and Functions at Library level as well. This will mean that the Author or Function set in Library A will not be visible in Library B, and vice versa.

Process Navigator - version 13.3

Data Manager Feature Preview* The new Data Manager is a full synchronisation engine, enabling field-level updates of properties in Visio and Excel. The Data Manager must be switched on in order to use it. To do this go to:

Tools > Options > Feature Previews, which then enables the new Data Manager menu.

From there it is straightforward to create or edit a Data Manager and to trigger a synchronise.

Data Managers can be automatically synchronised on publish, and the same Data Manager can update multiple libraries so for example Live and Pre-Live can by kept in sync automatically from the same Data Manager. It can be thought of as a much improved 'Import Properties'.The Data Manager is one of several core, fundamental capabilities in the Triaster Solution that collectively deliver on the four major business needs of process: Capture, Share, Use and Improve.

* Feature Previews are first releases that are targeted at expert users in order to enable expert assessment of the capability and the user interface to it. Feature Previews are well tested but may be light on end user documentation.

Improved User Control of Obsolete HTML Previously if the Triaster Solution was configured to delete obsolete HTML this removed any HTML file not contained in the catalogue.xml - this is a full copy of your library content. This sometimes removed files which should have been kept. In the latest version of the software you will have the ability to select which HTML you want to retain and a file called listofhtml.xml will be updated.

How do I upgrade to the latest Software?

Process Navigator 13.3 is available for download from the Triaster Knowledge Base, Software Download page.

This is no longer password protected. You are however still required to enter your activation code. If you need a reminder of this, please also e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234.

Upgrading your Library

At the time of any Library upgrade, we will install the latest software released. Therefore anyone on the list for upgrade to 11.2 will be automatically upgraded to the latest Triaster Server release (currently 13.3).

For more information on previous releases please see below:

The Library upgrade process from software version 10.1 or earlier is a reasonably complex process, which is delivered free of charge by remote install (only) by Triaster for all Library customers.

If you have already been upgraded to version 11.2 or later, the upgrade to version 13.3 is much more straight forward, but does require some liaison. Please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234 to discuss.

If you haven't yet commenced the Library upgrade process, please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234. The lead time on upgrades is over three months. Please also be aware that there is a period of liaison and discussion regarding carry forward of customisations in respect of your current Library and integration with latest functionality.

To join the discussion please go to this LinkedIn thread.

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