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Triaster Suite 12.1


Since the release of version 11.2 Triaster have moved to a system of more frequent software releases. This means that often a feature will be initially released and then developed further in subsequent releases. To enable you to keep track of this, we plan to send you regular updates on the latest features released and enhancements planned. We will also be including regular articles in the Connector and putting on regular events demonstrating our new features.

Triaster Server: latest functionality released and development pipelined

  • Enhanced Quick Search has now been released (version 12.1). Quick Search, which in the past only searched process maps, now covers both process maps and document content. The results are displayed within separate tabs. The results can be configured to make them useful and relevant to your Library users. For example, the results returned can be different for process maps than for documents. If URLs aren't useful they can be excluded. In addition, the search results are returned quicker since the search is interrogating HTML rather than the catalogue file.


    To trial this functionality please click here and enter 'test' in the Quick Search.

    The Quick Search capabilities will be developed further in upcoming releases in order to scope the search by site, library or on a global level. This will give the capacity to scope individual libraries say, to individual documents repositories.
  • WebLog Expert is now available as part of the standard installation (version 12.1). Weblog Expert is installed within your I.T. infrastructure to measure Library usage. This is a real bonus for all customers whose I.T. departments are not happy to use external software such as Google analytics. More information is available at


    Also in the development pipeline for the Triaster Server is:
  • Delete of obsolete HTML. This is a configurable option to automatically delete the corresponding HTML if a Visio diagram (VDX) is deleted from the library folder structure. This will save Library Administrators a laborious job and ensure that when Quick Search is performed (see above), obsolete results are not returned. However, care must be taken not to store any HTML without an equivalent VDX (such as your Library homepage) in the HTML folder, otherwise it will be deleted. All HTML of this type must be stored in Static HTML. For this reason, this option will initially be 'off' by default.

Process Navigator: latest functionality released and development pipelined

End-to-End process diagram:
A feature preview of the first End-to-End diagram generator is available now (version 12.1.1). This feature shows your entire process model and how it interlinks. It shows levels of hierarchy and connectivity between processes at each level.

Upcoming releases will include improvements to the way the diagram is presented, showing separately, Process Islands (unconnected processes), Process Chains (Islands connected to other processes on the same level) and Complex Flows (how multiple processes interact with each other).

Michael Cousins has written two articles on the potential application of the End-to End process diagram, which can be found here:

Also in the development pipeline for Process Navigator is:

Properties Dialog attributed to Hyperlink Circle. This will enable Triaster's properties dialogue to be utilised on Hyperlink circles. As it is accessible form the Process Navigator menu, changes won't be needed to the stencil. This development will enable hyperlink circles to contain long urls and will also open up the mechanism to enable other shapes (e.g. connectors) to have right click properties capabilities in future.

How do I upgrade to the latest Software?

Process Navigator 12.1 is available for download from the Triaster Knowledge Base, Software Download page.

To obtain the password you are required to enter please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234.

If you need a reminder of your activation code, please also e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234.

Upgrading your Library

At the time of any Library upgrade, we will install the latest software released. Therefore anyone on the list for upgrade to 11.2 will be automatically upgraded to the latest Triaster Server release (currently 12.1). (For a reminder of the functionality released in 11.2 please click here).

The Library upgrade process from software version 10.1 or earlier is a reasonably complex process, which is delivered free of charge by remote install (only) by Triaster for all Library customers.

If you haven't yet commenced the Library upgrade process, please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234. The lead time on upgrades is over three months, so we are currently scheduling test installs for January 2013. There is also a period of liaison and discussion regarding carry forward of customisations in respect of your current Library and integration with latest functionality, which is currently being booked to start in November.

To join the discussion please go to this LinkedIn thread.

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