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Branding a Triaster Process Library using themes


Themes are a new feature in Triaster Server 16.4, enabling branding to be applied to Triaster Server in a simpler and more flexible way.

Prior to themes, applying such branding involved replacing numerous files in different locations within the Triaster Server installation with customised versions. Some features, such as homepages, could be made to look different for each library and site, but others would have to be common to all. A theme can be applied to specific sites, so libraries and sites can truly have their own look-and-feel.

A selection of themes is included in a standard installation, but most customers are likely to use a theme designed specifically for them.


A theme is represented by a set of files contained within a theme-named folder.

Triaster\TriasterServer2011\BrowserToolkit\themes\theme name

These files and configurations in the main Settings file define the theme.


<theme name=”theme name” DisplayName=”Display Name”>

Such configurations are typically overrides of site-level settings, also in the Settings file, or applicationlevel settings that are otherwise assumed. These may include:

  • Frameset definitions - the disclaimer (if used), header, toolbar and main page that commonly comprise process library webpages.
  • Homepage menu type - how menu items are positioned, whether a click or hover design.
  • Menu Editor configurations
  • Style sheets - e.g. fonts, colours, background images, positioning of elements.

Installing a theme

In Triaster Server 16.4, a theme had to be installed by manually copying the files into place, and adding its XML to the Settings file. Although relatively simple, a more convenient method was introduced in Triaster Server 16.5, enabling a theme to be imported through Edit Configuration (Administration > Edit Configuration) by those users who have access to that feature.


Themes already installed are listed

A theme for uploading is packaged as a ZIP file containing:

  • the theme’s files within a theme-named folder.
  • a ‘theme.xml’ file, which contains the theme’s XML code for the Settings file.

Associating a theme with a site

A theme can be applied to all or one of a library’s sites through Edit Configuration.


A theme can be applied to all or one of a library’s sites through Edit Configuration

This is a site-level configuration in the Settings file.

<Library Name=”library name”>
<Site Name=”site name”>
<theme>theme name</theme>


Themes offer a simpler and more flexible way of applying branding to Triaster Server.

  • Themes offer different branding for a wider range of features.
  • Each library (indeed, each site) can be associated with a theme.
  • A theme can be added and configured simply, through the Edit Configuration webpage.

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