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Managing Properties XML files


Process Navigator uses a Properties XML file as a template to define and categorise a set of properties associated with the various process elements. Some property values are restricted to selection from a list to ensure consistency.

This has been a long-standing feature of Process Navigator. A more recent development has been the update of this file by Triaster Server - lists of approvers, reviewers, authors and functions - so it's important that the file(s) associated with Triaster Server and those configured for use with process authors' Process Navigators are co-ordinated.

Configuring in Process Navigator

Process Navigator can be configured to use a particular Properties XML file through the Mapping Options dialog.

In the Map Control Console:

  1. 1. Tools > Mapping Options...
  2. 2. Click 'File Locations'.

From a map open in Visio:

  1. 1. Right-click in space on the page > Options...
  2. 2. Click 'File Locations'.

In the Registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Triaster\ProcessNavigator\Mapping Edition\

Properties XML File = \\MyServer\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\MapStore\Stencil, Template andProperties\Triaster Properties.xml

Server Properties File = http://MyServer/ProcessLibraries 2011/Triaster Properties.xml

Registry locations could be set through a policy or configuration script

The Properties XML file should be in a writable location, so the default within 'Program Files' should be changed (if not already). A shared location on the Triaster server is often used, but the facility to update the working copy from a master copy enables flexibility.

Updating the file

Although a writable location has just been stipulated, this copy of the file should not be changed manually. Process Navigator can be configured to update its working copy from a master copy. It's this master copy, commonly on the Triaster server, that should be the one in which Triaster server maintains the lists of approvers, reviewers, authors and functions, and to which a library administrator would make any other changes.

Configuring in Triaster Server

Some of the Node property value lists are meant to be managed by Triaster Server - those related to Approvals, such as approvers, reviewers, authors and business functions. These lists should be updated when a library administrator makes the associated changes in the Approvals webpages.

Global - or library-scoped Properties XML file

A Properties XML file can be configured globally, or set for a specific library, the library-scoped setting overriding the global setting.


 <PropertiesFile>C:\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\ProcessLibraries\Triaster Properties.xml</PropertiesFile>
 <Library Name="process library">
 <PropertiesFile>C:\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\ProcessLibraries\TriasterProperties - Process Library.xml</PropertiesFile>


Storing the master Properties file in the 'ProcessLibraries' folder makes it available through HTTP to update process authors' working Properties files. An example path is depicted in an earlier screenshot.

This scope would normally coincide with the Approvals scope.


If Approvals - approvers, authors and functions - are configured globally, then common lists of such items would be expected in any Properties XML file used by map authors. A common Properties XML file would usually suffice, unless there are different other properties required for different libraries.

If Approvals are library-scoped, then each library should have its own Properties XML file. In this case, each library has its own approvers, authors and functions. Changes made to Approval-related items in a library's website would update the Properties file's lists to reflect that library's items. Any existing list items not associated with that library would be removed.


Properties XML files need to be considered in the context of both Triaster Server's Approvals and process authors' Process Navigators.

  • Changes should only be made to a master copy - Triaster Server updating Approval-related lists; a library administrator making any other changes.
  • Process authors' Process Navigators should be configured to use a separate working copy, which would be updated from the master copy through Process Navigator. This should protect the master copy from unauthorised changes.

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