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Answers to the Top 10 FAQs received by Triaster Support


1) Why isn't Mapping Edition available on this PC?

Before you start, make sure you've installed the correct version of Process Navigator. There's a 32 bit and 64 bit version available, and it needs to match your Visio installation, not the Operating System. Your version of Visio can be found under File > Help > Right-hand Window.

2) How do I activate Process Navigator?

Follow these steps:

  • In Process Navigator, click 'Help'
  • Go to Activation Status
  • Click 'Enter New Activation Code'
  • Click 'Launch Activation Server'
  • Enter your Activation Reference* and click 'Next'
  • Enter the number of months you wish to Activate
  • Enter your e-mail address, confirm your e-mail address and click 'Activate'
  • Copy the Code into the Process Navigator Activation window
  • Click 'Apply', click 'OK'

*If you don't know your activation reference please e-mail:

3) Why are the Process Navigator Add-ins missing?

Make sure you've configured Visio correctly. This article shows how:

4) Where is my Stencil?

Make sure you've configured your file paths in Visio to include the location of the Stencil you're using. You can also open your Stencil with the map and re-save the file to create the connection. (Alternative File Locations sections)

5) Why hasn't my Library publication started?

Make sure all of the Triaster services are started on the server. If you're unable to start the service, it could suggest a log-on error, where the password has changed for the publication account.

6) Why can't I see the contents of my map in Internet Explorer?

Try enabling Compatibility View. Switch on by ticking the broken page icon in your address bar, or press ALT > Tools > Compatibility mode.

7) Why hasn't my Library homepage updated, when I have just edited it?

The page could be cached. There are a few ways of clearing a browser cache, as set out below:

  • Press CTRL+F5
  • Close and re-open Internet Explorer
  • Delete Browser History and restart Internet Explorer

8) How do I set my Hyperlinks to open in a new window?

If you'd like a hyperlink to open in a new window, select the shape with the hyperlink, go to Add-ins, Shape Properties and tick the 'Open in a new window' box.

9) Why isn't my Library Document Search returning any results?

Make sure that you have re-indexed your Library through the Administration page as per the image below:


10) Can we have a report based on our own properties?

If you'd like a customised report, based on your own properties, we can create this for you.

For more information please contact: or call: +44 (0) 870 402 1234

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