Going Live with your Upgraded Process Library

A step-by-step guide


Over 80% of Triaster customers now have version 13.1 (or above) installed on their server, which we think is fantastic!

There have been some major changes in the software, and we know that it can be a challenge, transitioning from a test system to Live. So, we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you.

1. Familiarise yourself with new the functionality

Along with your new Library comes new functionality, but how to use it? For example how do you configure the Alerts & Approvals software and what Properties do you need to use? Triaster offer a number of options to help you with this:

Public Training

Triaster provide a one day public training workshop at our offices in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. The aim of this workshop is to help customers get the most out of their newly upgraded Library, understand the different configuration options and how they can best support your objectives.

The morning session consist of a demonstration focusing on the Alerts and Approvals, and an overview of what has changed.

The afternoon is hands-on experience of how to configure your properties and settings files - so it's important that you bring a copy of these along with you.

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An excellent way of learning how to get the most out of my upgrade. Great for understanding the new features I received as part of my upgrade.

On-site assistance

During two days on-site with you, we will ensure that you know how to make the most of all new features, run an Alerts and Approvals workshop with your reviewers and help embed the new way of content review and approval in your organisation.

We will update the Library and Properties.xml with you whilst we are on-site, so you should be ready to start using the Alerts and Approvals by the end of the two days.

Some customers choose to bespoke the agenda, or add an additional day so that a Triaster consultant can assist with migrating content and updating any links.

Help Documentation

Following the release of version 14.1, all Process Navigator and Library Functionality is full documented. Following your upgrade to v14.1 Library Help will be available from the Help button on your Library menu options, but prior to that it will also be accessible via the Triaster Knowledge Base as follows:

  • Process Navigator Help - all versions (from version 13.5)
  • Getting started Guide - latest version
  • Triaster Library Help - latest version

A Triaster Suite Technical Guide is also coming soon.

2. Preparing to Go Live

Triaster always complete a quality audit as part of the implementation; however we ask that you check that you are happy with:

  • The branding. The Navigation bar and Menu pages are in a new format which we aim to match with your existing branding. If you would like to make any changes please feed this back to us.
  • Any custom reports or menu pages that you requested to carry across.

In addition to this we suggest that you click through each of the tabs to familiarise yourself with the layout, and start to educate your viewers of the changes.

You will also need to migrate your content over to the new library. Some customers choose to do this alongside their training; others just simply copy over the folder content. Please remember the folder structure changed from 13.4 so you may need to copy your maps to a different folder.

Whichever route you take, we suggest that all maps are migrated to PreLive and then sent through the approvals process. This means that all maps will be approved when you go live, and you will have set a map review date.

Some customers take their upgrade as an opportunity to review all their maps or make other amends such as updating their homepage or stencil and template. If you would like any further information on how to do this please contact customer.services@triaster.co.uk

We would also suggest contacting Triaster so that we can clear your 'What's Changed' report. This is so that your viewers don't access information you may have set up during familarisation/testing. If you need any assistance preparing to Go Live please contact customer.services@triaster.co.uk

3. Go Live

To Go Live you could simply inform your viewers of the new URL, or you could ask your IT Department to redirect the old URL to the new.

If you have a multiple server system, or disconnected servers please contact customer.services@triaster.co.uk before going live, as you may require a different go live plan. You may like to use opportunity to remind users of the benefits of their Process Library - perhaps a make a little hullabaloo about it!

What to do after going live?

4. Decommissioning your old Library

If your upgraded Library is on a new server, you will now have one server running an old version of the Triaster Solution, and another running a new version. Once you are sure that the old server is no longer required we suggest we contact your IT department to switch off the auto notification emails and decommission the server.

Alternatively, you may wish to implement a test system on the old server. If this is the case please contact customer.services@triaster.co.uk who can help arrange this.

5. Upgrading

We advise that you sign up to receive notifications on Product Releases and Technical updates; this will mean you will receive an e-mail when a new version of the software is released. If you are not already registered please do so by completing an enquiry form at: www.triaster.co.uk/contact.php

You will be directed to information regarding what can be found in the software release, which should help you assess whether you would like to upgrade.

Please note

If a defect which you reported (or Triaster Support reported on your behalf) is fixed within a software release, Triaster Customer Success Team will notify you.

As you may be aware, you/ your IT department are now able to upgrade your own server software. We would always recommend that this is initially completed on a test server. We also recommend contacting customer.services@triaster.co.uk before scheduling a self-upgrade. This is so that:

  • We can direct you to the latest self-upgrade instructions
  • We can advise if you have any bespoke features or implementation set up, which may need additional steps to the standard upgrade
  • We can ensure that Triaster Support are on hand should you require assistance

You can upgrade Process Navigator on your desktops without notifying Triaster, unless you are currently using PN version 11.2 or older.

If you need assistance at any point please do contact us - we are here to help! customer.services@triaster.co.uk +44 (0) 870 402 1234

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