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Paul Elson-Vining looks at new reports for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001


Customers have often asked me about how processes and activities can be related back to the ISO standards. Whilst in the past Triaster have created some custom reports for customers on an ad-hoc basis, recently we have released a standard set of reports that any customer can use from version 11.2 onwards.


To obtain these reports, download them from the Report Exchange area of the Knowledge Base ( and drop them into your Reports folder on your server. You will also find a custom Properties file that will need to be incorporated into your own. You can apply the properties list to the Activity or Node sections of the file without having to change the names.


These reports utilise the new grid view functionality which enables processes or activities to be organised by clause number and then filtered by any of the category headings. All of the reports have the same look and feel. The list by process is shown below:


The activity based report shows similar information, but includes the level in the hierarchy instead of the approval date. As with all reports in the new grid format, they can be exported to Excel for further data interrogation. Once the Data Manager is released in version 13.3, this will be even easier to manage.

These reports can now be used as a template for others, such as TickIT, ISO 27001 (Information Security) or BS25999 (Business Continuity)

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