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Steve Odeyemi explains how to get the best out of WebLog Expert - part one


WebLog Expert was first featured in our March/April 2012 issue, when Q Tucker explained how Fugro Geos were using WebLog Expert to enable them to analyse the way their Process Library was being used. Since then Triaster has introduced WebLog Expert as a standard element of our Process Library implementation.

This is the first of a two part article examining WebLog Expert reports in detail (Standard edition) and how they can be most useful.

The Standard edition captures the analytical data required by most Managers or Library Administrators. Reports are produced in pdf, cvs and html formats.

The initial set of data that most Managers or Library Administrators want to capture is found under the Activity Statistics menu. From here Managers can view activities by hour of day, daily, by days of week, week and month. Within this data capture are the number of library site hits, pages viewed, visits and importantly the average length of time of visits. The latter combined with 'Activity by hours of the day' data may be an interesting indicator to show end user behaviour. Below are some sample reports:


web_2From the charts above, we can ask what process maps are employees viewing between 7am and 10am on Friday? The answer could be that employees use this period to fill in their expense claims. However, we can check this deduction by viewing the 'Access Statistics' which captures process map pages, downloaded files and images that were accessed at these times. In the example, the weekly Page Access report below informs us that process maps relating to validation are viewed most, followed by contract amendments.


The data above shows a positive uptake by staff, by the end of October, of what may have been an implementation of a new validation processes (blue). We may deduce that staff being able to use relevant process maps, has had a positive effect on the drawing up or issuing of contracts, which are better tailored to meet customers' needs. As a result, the department requires fewer contract amendments, shown in green. In addition, global organisations can view site activity access by country, as shown below:


In part two we will look at an example of Top Entry Page and Top Exit Page data analysis.

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