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Part two on how to get the best from it, by Steve Odeyemi


In part one we looked at how we may interpret combining a number of reports together to inform the Library Administrator or Manager which maps, files and documents users access in their Process Libraries, which in turn provides an insight into user trends and behaviour.

WebLog Expert also has a number of other features of interest to Library Administrators and Managers who need hard data to present to Senior Management to support their business cases or change proposals. This can be found by viewing 'Activity Statistics' which report daily, weekly, monthly statistics. Also 'Access Statistics' reports on user viewing time, entry and exit pages, file paths, and visitor statistics. These reports provide a storyboard of Process Library user behaviour.


Top Host - Computer IP or ID

The 'Visitor Statistics' report enables Administrators to see who in their organisation uses their Process Libraries; this is reported by computer IP address - see image above - listed in order of the most active computers. Also available are the entry or landing pages users start from within the Process Library and also which pages they exit from. Put this together with the viewing times and we have a clearer picture of whether users are finding what they are looking for, or become frustrated and abandon their search midway.

On the flipside, we have statistics reporting how many users prefer to use Triaster's Quick Search feature to find maps and documents. One client with whom I met raised an interesting point about the use of Quick Search. They were reviewing the culture within their organisation and decided it would be good practice for Library users to fully understand where their processes fit within the wider scope of their organisation and function units. This client felt that users should be familiar with using the full menu path structure to get to process maps and documents, before using Quick Search. They felt that otherwise the users wouldn't gain a better understanding of where their process sits in relation to other processes within the organisation, functional unit and sub-groups. On the other hand, some companies are excited by the increased number of users finding their maps and documents in two to three clicks.

In addition, WebLog Expert allows Library Administrators and Managers a glimpse of some security metrics provided by the 'Errors' report. This reports the number of unauthorised external users outside of their organisation. Unauthorised users who are denied access to Process Library site(s) receive one of the following Windows messages: 403 Forbidden, 404 Page Not Found or 503 Service Unavailable - see sample chart below. To further improve access security, should it be required, Triaster is happy to collaborate with any client's IT department.


For more information, please contact the Triaster Support Team on 0870 402 1242 or at support@triaster.co.uk. If you already use WebLog Expert or any other analytical tool with your Process Libraries and would like to share how you use it, please go to www.triaster.co.uk/connector and click on 'Connect'.

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In Steve, I've rarely come across a trainer so completely engaging and thoroughly professional while maintaining a personable and accessible approach...He handled the issues with consummate ease and confidence, never once losing my attention or me as a participant. Overall; the staff involved, the environment, the course materials, equipment, approach and content all contributed to this being one of, no, to this being THE best training experience I have come across.

James Macleod, office2office

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