Triaster Search Reports

Victoria Glancy takes a look at two Search reports: Change History and System Interfaces


Change History

The Triaster Solution has been used to support organisations in achieving their accreditation for business standards, such as ISO 9001, and to show compliance with specific industry standards such as ISO 14001, 18001 and AS 9100. Many Triaster customers undergo annual audits where it is important to be able to show how their organisation has adapted to a process change and show how their processes have evolved over time.

In the latest version of the Triaster Solution, a Change History report is now available which tracks the changes made to process maps through the use of the new Alerts and Approvals functionality. This is coupled with new archiving functionality, which archives an HTML equivalent of the process map when a change has been made. The Change History report details all of the changes to your process and allows you to access snapshots (archive html) of previous versions of the process from the report. The Change History report is only available in Triaster Server 2011 or later and can be found under the Search tab.


In addition to traditional properties captured on all maps such as Process Owner, Content Approver, Author and Version, the Change History report uses new properties such as Change Description, Change Date and Category (Business Function). The Change History report clearly outlines the who, what, when and why which is exactly what the auditors want to see. The report can also be filtered to provide results for individual maps or on all maps over a specific period of time.

Change History for an individual map across a specific date range.


Change History for all processes across a specific date range.


The Change History report content is also used for the What's Changed E-mail Alert that is sent to endusers when the process has been approved and published to the Live site. The What's Changed Alert email contains Map Name, Change Description, Change Date, Author and provides a link to the new process in the Live site. The Category (Business Function) defines which business area should be alerted of the process change.

The addition of the Change History report strengthens the auditing capabilities of the Triaster Solution by offering a dynamic capability of tracking process change which was not available in versions prior to 11.2. As many of you will be upgrading to the latest version of the Triaster Solution soon and to see the maximum benefit from the Change History report it would be useful for you to think about incorporating the completion of these new property values in to your Library and process mapping policies. If you would like a copy of the new Properties to add to your current properties.xml file, please contact

The Systems Interfaces report

The Systems Interfaces Report enables you to search your process maps for the systems that are used throughout your organisation. As you can identify which systems are required to produce key deliverables you can more easily assess the importance of systems and better understand the impact of replacing them.

For example, if you are planning to change from one IT system to another, select the system from the drop-down list and all of the processes that depend on it will be reported upon. System details are normally held against the deliverables of any map.

To see a list of all deliverables, select the '-All Systems-' value from the list. Otherwise, select the required system from the list. You can only search on one system at a time.

The list of deliverables is sorted by level in hierarchy, showing the deliverables in higher level maps first, then alphabetically.


With the new interactive grid report functionality, you can analyse the various systems used in a single process.


It is again important to remember you will only gain benefit from this report and search if you are capturing the data when you create the maps. Systems data can easily be populated using the import properties functionality or you can use the batch update tool under Edit > Replace Data in Process Navigator.

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