Congratulations Skanska UK!

Winner of the 2013 BQF Achievement Award for Innovation


Triaster are absolutely delighted that Skanska UK has won the 2013 Achievement Award for Innovation from the British Quality Foundation.

Skanska UK won the award for its integrated management system - 'Our way of working' - which is a Triaster Process Library with multiple library architecture.

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Skanska's impressive system of process sharing has significantly reduced both duplication and cost and is a very good example of innovation in practice.
Joe Goasdoué, BQF Chief Executive

'Our way of working' contains both core policies, processes and procedures common to all Skanska UK's operating units (Functional and Project Control processes) and nine operating unit (Sector) specific processes. The multiple Process Library architecture ensures that the end user is only able to access the processes applicable to their operating unit.


The homepage for 'Our way of working' contains menu options for each operating unit. Once the user has clicked into the relevant Operating Unit Library, they are given 'Functional areas' and 'Project controls' menu options (as above). This navigation always takes the user to the correct processes and procedures for their operating unit.

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I am so proud of the whole team for their hard work and unwavering commitment to deliver a world-class integrated management system.
Andy MacAskill, Skanska UK's Technical Services Director

The multiple Process Library architecture of 'Our way of working' has enabled Skanska UK to integrate quality, environment and health and safety management systems into one management system, which is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards under a single Skanska UK certificate.

It is the ability to share common processes across a number of operating facilities as well as the facility to configure those elements of process that apply to a particular business type, that impressed the judges.

The replacement of organisational silos with a process-driven business model was also highlighted, as was the embedding of the system within Skanska UK, so that training is aligned to processes and ownership has devolved to employees.

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I want to formally thank Triaster for your huge contribution in helping Skanska to win this award. The hours of preparation and planning with you to define exactly what we were seeking to achieve has exceeded my expectation to the extent that it is rather taken for granted internally now! The technical implementation was something quite special...
Kerry Ann Christelow, Skanska UK's Business Process Technical Manager

The team received the accolade at the BQF's annual Achievement Awards event in Park Lane, London, on 17th October. The occasion recognised outstanding achievements of businesses across a number of areas.

In their press release on the award Skanska UK particularly noted the benefit of the way that processes can be shared with joint venture partners and others without compromising internal systems.


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