Case Study: Fugro GEOS

Would you like to find out how Fugro GEOS are understanding and improving their customers’ experience?

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This two page case study explains how Fugro GEOS have relaunched their Process Library to improve user experience and make reporting easier for auditors using WebLog Expert and Triaster’s Data Manager tool.

How will this benefit me?

This case study will be useful if you already have a business process or quality management system and want to learn how you can improve user experience or if you are facing the following challenges:

  • ‘We need a central location for all of our external documents’
  • ‘We need to be compliant with PAS99 to achieve ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS14001’
  • ‘We need a ‘How to…’ for our business’

Fugro's process library with a photo fo the sea

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