Support Policy and Scope

This policy provides a definition of the support requests for which Triaster will provide assistance. This policy will be updated from time-to-time by Triaster to align with new software releases and wider technology changes.

Basis of Understanding of the Support Service

The primary purpose of the Triaster Support Service is to provide assistance and advice to suitably trained people who experience a difficulty when using the Software.

The support service is not intended to be a substitute for training, to equip novices with the skills or knowledge they need to use the Software, or to provide consultancy services.

The Support Scope is restricted to requests fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Software released by Triaster within 5 years of the date of the support request;
  • Software running in an environment that meets the minimum requirements;
  • Requests from suitably trained individuals who are agreed by Triaster as Named Contacts for support;
  • Organisations that have a current Contract with Triaster for the supply of support services and that have paid the relevant fees;
  • Support pertaining to any of the following topics:
    1. any failure of the Software to operate in accordance with the Documentation;
    2. any error messages given by the Software or its installation routine;
    3. information relating to the behaviour of the Software under conditions that are not explicitly described in the Documentation, or explanation of such descriptions if the support recipient is having difficulty understanding the Documentation;
    4. explanation or clarification of minimum requirements;
    5. explanation or clarification of documented software features apart from the following advanced features that are more properly handled in a consultancy environment:
      • meta-data design or implementation, including design of or updates to properties.xml and process metrics.xml;
      • simulation design or implementation;
      • interface design or implementation;
      • report customisation

Scope Exclusion

Everything not explicitly stated in the list of included items given above is excluded from the Support Scope. To aid understanding, some of the excluded items are listed below:

  • Software released more than 5 years ago;
  • Software that is running in an environment that does not meet the minimum requirements;
  • Support requests from people who are not Named Contacts;
  • All queries relating to:
    • hardware or infrastructure that are not operated by Triaster (apart from those relating to advice on the minimum requirements);
    • non-Triaster software;
    • underlying technologies such as XML, XSLT and SVG;
    • customisations of the Software that have not been approved by Triaster;
    • how to customise the Software;
    • modifications of any sort to any customer owned items, some examples of which are:
      • process maps or documents
      • workstations
      • servers
      • Triaster software settings
    • server or workstation installation, migration, relocation or upgrade;

Support Incidents that do not fall within the Support Scope are typically handled in one of the following 2 ways:

  1. User Training or Consultancy
  2. Software Change

For User Training or Consultancy services, the Triaster Help Desk will, if you agree to it, liaise as appropriate with suitable partners or technical staff at Triaster to take the incident forward.

For Software Change, this is largely controlled through Ask The Crowd, and you are recommended in the first instance to lodge your change request on the Triaster Crowd which you can join here: