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Indexing maps and documents for Quick Search

Maps and documents associated with a process library site are typically indexed at the end of a site publication so that Search results accurately reflect the newly-published site...
Tech News
Windows Authentication and secured features in Triaster Server

Windows Authentication is a method of authentication used in Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft’s web server software...
Tech News
Branding a Triaster Process Library using themes

Themes are a new feature in Triaster Server 16.4, enabling branding to be applied to Triaster Server in a simpler and more flexible way...
Tech News
Trouble-shooting Quick Search issues

Triaster uses the Keyoti search system to index files and present results in a process library site’s website...
Tech News
Linking to named destinations within PDFs

A named destination in a PDF is similar to a bookmark in other document formats. Until recently we weren’t aware of a method of embedding...
Tech News
Investigations with Triaster Server Logs

There are logs associated with much of Triaster functionality, whether it be publishing, approvals or using process library websites...
Tech News
Managing Properties XML

Process Navigator uses a Properties XML file as a template to define and categorise a set of properties associated with the various process elements...
Tech News
Document Categories in Search may want to separate your documents into different categories, and have Quick Search present results separately for those categories...
Tech News
Setting up a memorable address for your Process Library

The full address to your Process Library's Live site may be a little complex to be easily memorable...
Tech News
Recovering Maps using Windows Previous Versions

Occasionally, a map may be lost, perhaps deleted inadvertently or through corruption of the file. In the latter case, we can sometimes recover at least some of the map...
Getting to Go Live
Launching a Useful and Usable Library, that will be Used

...a 3 'U's checklist. Both National Oilwell Varco and Sungard AS found these really useful, so we are now sharing them with you...
Getting the most from your Process Navigator Stencil and Template
Customisations that might be just what you need

...This article highlight(s)...features that may be useful additions to your template and stencil
Support Team Tips
Answers to the Top 10 FAQs received by Triaster Support

Why isn't Mapping Edition available on this PC?...
Tech News
Using Notepad++ to edit and check XML files

...some of the features of Notepad++ that can facilitate the maintenance of text files...
Tech News
Securing a Process Library

A Process Library website is hosted through Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft Windows' web serving platform. The whole or parts of a Process Library can be secured using standard IIS techniques...
Tech News
Trouble-shooting website requests

There's often a simple explanation for the failure to display a requested webpage...
Tech News
The Triaster Server Publication User

The Triaster Server Publication User (or Triaster Services User) is the account under which automated publications run...
Support Team Tips
Things that get forgotten

To enable Advanced features like Data Manager and Import/Export data functionality...
Going Live with your Upgraded Process Library
A step-by-step guide

...we know that it can be a challenge, transitioning from a test system to Live. So, we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you...
Tech News
The identity of a Triaster Server

In the context of this article, a Triaster Server's identity could be its computer name or an alias...
Support Team Tips
Things that get forgotten

...Remember to publish your site after approvals, to update the Library...
Making the most of the Microsoft Visio Toolbar
Paul Elson-Vining helps out

As many of you know, I love my shortcuts and am always looking for ways to reduce the time that it takes to create process maps. So I like to make the most of the Visio tools which can be used to complement Process Navigator...
Tech News
Troubleshooting publication issues

Triaster Server has a queuing mechanism to manage the running of publications. A basic understanding of this should help when troubleshooting publication issues, even if it just adds clarity to instructions our Support team send you...
Focus on a Feature
Microsoft SharePoint integration

...This article aims to explain the two methods which can be used to integrate SharePoint with your Process Library, whereby documents stored in SharePoint can be searched from your Process Library...
Tech News
Library-scoped MTop Search

The current Quick Search and Document Search are based on MTop Search Composer. Our standard implementation of the MTop-based search has changed recently to one which uses separate sets of files per library...
WebLog Expert
Getting the most from it - part two

09_13_weblog ...WebLog Expert also has a number of other features of interest to...Managers who need hard data to present to Senior Management to support their business cases or change proposals...
Tech News
Configuring Visio and Process Navigator in the registry

Visio and Process Navigator can be configured through their user-interfaces, but particularly when deploying Process Navigator to numerous users, making those settings directly to the Registry through a REG file or a script can be quicker and ensure a consistent set-up...
WebLog Expert
How to get the best out of WebLog Expert - part one

07_13_weblog ...WebLog Expert (is now) a standard element of our Process Library implementation. This is the first of a two part article examining WebLog Expert reports in detail (Standard edition) and how they can be most useful...
Triaster Reports
New reports for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Customers have often asked me about how processes and activities can be related back to the ISO standards...recently we have released a standard set of reports that any customer can use (for this purpose)...
Tech News
Setting.xml and Approvals Configurations

The article below is intended to give an insight into what is going on 'under the hood'. A new interface is under development to allow easier editing of these configuration settings...
Focus on a Feature
Multiple Process Library Architectures

...Multiple Process Library architecture works brilliantly to support organisations where: Business Units are quite independent and each have their own ways of working...
Tech News
Reports in Triaster Server 2011

Report Exchange was introduced in Triaster Server 10, as a simple way of implementing custom reports. In Triaster Server 2011, the report definition files have changed, but are still stored in a single, dedicated folder: Triaster\TriasterServer2011\reports...
Focus on a feature - part two
Updating process properties

...If you require different changes to multiple properties across several maps...there is an efficient method for updating a variety of properties at the same time - Import Properties...
Tech News
Website performance

...The problem
We've had reports of webpages taking longer than expected to open in Triaster Server 2011. This has usually been a problem when first opening such a webpage; on subsequent occasions, it opens significantly more quickly...
Focus on a feature - part one
Replace Data

...the Triaster Solution encourages and supports the capture of metrics or property data in respect of your processes. It is obviously important that the metrics or properties captured are specific to your organisation and relevant to the way you are working, otherwise they just won't be useful...
Tech News
Slow program start-up

The problem
We first had reports of slow start-up of Process Navigator on some systems as far back as version 4.60. This has been found to be a problem particularly on servers that didn't have Internet access. We now have a better understanding of its cause and how it may be addressed. ...
Triaster Reports
Victoria Glancy takes a look at two Search reports: Change History and System Interfaces

The Triaster Solution has been used to support organisations in achieving their accreditation for business standards, such as ISO 9001, and to show compliance with specific industry standards such as ISO 14001, 18001 and AS 9100...
Tech News
Top Ten FAQs

...Question: IT have just installed and activated Visio and Process Navigator and I get an error message saying Process Navigator is not activated Why?...
Triaster Reports
Paul Elson-Vining takes a look at three Triaster reports

This month I am focusing on the following reports:
  • Missing Mandatory Properties
  • Orphan
  • Mismatch Deliverables (Priority)...
Triaster Reports
Paul Elson-Vining takes a look at the Map Review and Risk Analysis reports

...There are a number of (Triaster) Reports ..categorise(d) as follows:
  1. General (Contents, How To, RACI, Risk Analysis)
  2. Process Audit
  3. Process Improvement
  4. Library Administration
  5. Publication Checklist...
Visual Excellence
Looking at the level indicator

...Level Indicators are shapes or fields embedded into the process map Node, that indicate the level of the process map that you are looking at...
Tech News
Visio's Drawing Explorer

Visio's Drawing Explorer is a useful tool for analysing the content of a Visio drawing, and can identify issues that may otherwise be hidden or difficult to address...
Data Visualisation
Exploring the possibilities

...Imagine...being able to look at a process and see the cost of each Activity and the cumulative cost on the Node...
Tech News
Hyperlinks in Process Maps

Hyperlinks in process maps are commonly used to open other process maps, related documents or initiate e-mails. As a fundamental feature of any Process Library, most will be familiar with their use, but not necessarily with some details that may help to explain particular behaviour...
Tech News
Maintaining your Flash-menu.xml file

The menus associated with dynamic Flash-based home pages are defined by an XML file. Although we think that maintaining such a text-based file is relatively straightforward, there are some simple techniques that can make it more so....
Tech News
Process Maps - some advantages of the XML format

Triaster process maps are saved as Visio XML documents. A text-based format can be helpful when trouble-shooting files. However, opening a process map VDX file in a text editor such as Notepad reveals a format that isn't easily readable. So how can the file be opened in a way that makes it more straightforward to analyse and understand...
Tech News
Benefits of updating Visio 2007 with Service Pack 3

We recommend that Visio is kept up-to-date with the latest service pack and patches. Service Pack 3 (SP3) is now available for Visio 2007...

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