IT services Library Launch

Launch of pre-populated ITSM Library


Triaster are pleased to announce the launch of a fully populated IT Services Management Library containing a portfolio of documented services delivered by most organisations.

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  • Bridge the gap in the understanding of services delivered, how they are delivered and by whom
  • Understand the dependencies of IT services on the organisation's business processes
  • Enable IT to build structure around the services delivered to the organisation by effectively managing their resources
  • Develop, maintain and share the IT policies that are in step with emerging technologies and aligned with the business vision
  • Capture KPIs within the Library and benchmark the level of delivery to the organisation and identify areas for improvement
  • Scalable solution and library platform to include business-wide processes to support ISO, EFQM and other excellence programmes

IT Services Library Deliverables


  • Service Catalogue - including service description, impact and dependencies, ownership, CSF and KPIs
  • Service Level Agreement - including roles and responsibilities, resolution commitments and escalations
  • Service Policy - including a high level overview of the policy governing the service
  • Service Process - a generic process supporting the service
  • Service Dependencies - a fishbone diagram outlining service dependencies

Services Package

  • Onsite Consultancy - populate the content to your organisation's specific requirements including annual reviews
  • Onsite Training - creating, editing processes and maintaining the Library
  • Governance Framework - establish a solid foundation early on to ensure success and longevity of the Library
  • Communications Programme - educate end-users on the use of the process library and inform the entire organisation of its existance!
  • Design - apply a corporate brand to the Library

I am excited about the release of the Process Library, on which both OBM and Triaster have focussed a lot of energy.
Phil Duncan, OBM IT Consultancy

A web-based Library

  • Installation - within 2 days, the Libray will be ready to be populated with content
  • Easy to use, easy to maintain platform accessbile through Internet Explorer to share the IT Services Library with the rest of the organisation

These provide the building blocks upon which an organisation can structure the professional delivery of IT services, all of which can be modified to suit your organisational needs and with minimal business input.

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