Meet Russ Finseth

Co-Founder Triaster USA and VP Client Engagement


Russ is an extremely experienced practitioner of business process management and business process re-engineering disciplines, expertise rooted in his early career at the Boeing Corporation when he was hand-selected to participate in Boeing's new TQM program. In that one year program he trained under some of the world's most influential BPM thought leaders and institutions - Dr. Edward Denning, Dr. Joseph Juran, the Battelle Institute and the American Supplier Institute - and participated in a global study of the best practices for quality management [in Japan and other leading nations]. He went on to lead the four year strategic process re-engineering program that reinvented the way Boeing builds aircraft, completely transforming the 737 manufacturing process from discrete assembly to continuous flow manufacturing.

Subsequently Russ further expanded and honed his BPM skills and knowledge in senior roles with several other fortune 500 companies and large enterprises : IBM - Rational Software, Premera Blue Cross, Microsoft and T-Mobile.

For the last 10 years as a consultant in strategic business and systems transformation Russ has been bringing the benefits of BPM to many other companies, often implementing a Triaster Process Library.


The techniques and improvement methods of BPM really empower business leaders to achieve strategic goals... Including improving customer satisfaction, streamlining and reducing costs, increasing revenue, and opening new markets... And for businesses scrambling to move to the cloud and mobility platforms, I believe BPM is the best - perhaps the only - route to success.

I get immense personal satisfaction from helping leaders be successful, so my overarching professional goal is to help as many as I possibly can. I already know from experience that the Triaster Solution multiplies my impact, and I am sure that Triaster USA will multiply my ability to reach and help many more.

Russ Finseth

Fact File

Joined Triaster


Before that

Director Business Solutions @ T-Mobile

Professionally he is most proud of...

Completed Total Quality Management professional qualification from Industry leaders Dr. Edward Deming and Dr. Joseph Juran. Applied in my professional leadership role on redesigning manufacturing resource management and lean improvement initiatives at The Boeing Company


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Volunteering, Family Vacations, Yoga, Ice Cream, Rock and Roll Music, American Muscle Cars, Cold Beer on a Hot Day


Traffic congestion, Air and Water Pollution, Fruit on my Pizza, Radio Commercials

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

He has a lovely wife, who we all enjoyed meeting when she visited Triaster HQ recently